General Study Spaces

Group Study Area

The study area on the Ground Floor may be used for group discussion and collaborative work.

Project Rooms

The bookable Project Rooms on Floor 1 and the Ground Floor are available for collaborative work and can be booked for up to 2 hours per day. Bookings can be made:

Quiet Study

The open floor area on Floor 2 is intended for quiet, individual study but quiet conversation is allowed

Soft-Seating Area

Comfortable soft seating is available on Floor 1 to the right of the Issue Desk. This area is ideal for individual reading, personal laptop use, and for conversation and group discussion.

Research Rooms

There are lockable Research Rooms on Floor 3. These are available for a 3-month period to research postgraduate students and staff, for research or writing up. There are three single rooms and three double rooms available.

Applications should be made in writing to Dorothy Spence, Supervisor. If you are a postgraduate student, we will need a letter of recommendation from your supervisor. All applications, from staff or students, should state the reasons for wanting the use of a research room and a returnable deposit is payable in every case.

Contact Dorothy Spence for booking information:

Silent Study Spaces

The whole of Floor 3 is a totally silent working area. There is a PC cluster and a computer classroom equipped with a networked printer on this floor.