Diploma announcement/information

  • Applications for the DPLP will open on 24th February with a closing date of 16th April
  • Offers will go out on 30th June for acceptance by 7th July.
  • Students may apply to three of the six institutions but may only accept an offer from one. Any student who accepts more than one offer will have all offers withdrawn.
  • Aberdeen will offer 70 places on the DPLP in 2021/22.
  • Download the DPLP application form and accompanying Guidance Notes - please send the completed form to dplp-enquiries@abdn.ac.uk


University of Aberdeen graduates must have passed the following courses:

  • Legal System
  • Legal Method
  • Criminal Law
  • Foundations of Private Law
  • Contract
  • Public Law and Human Rights
  • Delict and Unjustified Enrichment
  • EU Institutions and Law
  • The Law of Property
  • Family Law
  • Commercial Organisations & insolvency
  • Succession and Trusts
  • Introduction to Legal Theory
  • Evidence
  • Commercial and Consumer Contracts

Less recent graduates of the University of Aberdeen, graduates of other institutions and those who have taken the Law Society of Scotland Exams as a pre-Diploma trainee, should produce evidence of passes in equivalent areas.

Admission will be based on and take consideration of:

  • Overall class of undergraduate degree
  • Marks obtained in the Law Society‚Äôs professional subjects at first sitting
  • Overall number of subjects not achieved at undergraduate level
  • Any other qualifications (undergraduate and/or postgraduate)
  • Special circumstances
  • Possession of a traineeship

This information is provided as a guide only and does not guarantee entry to the University of Aberdeen