Mr Iain Cameron

Mr Iain Cameron

User Services Manager

Mr Iain Cameron
Mr Iain Cameron

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work +44 (0)1224 273370
The University of Aberdeen IT Service Desk, Room G83 Edward Wright Building Dunbar Street Aberdeen AB24 3QY
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User Services Manager, IT Services, University of Aberdeen.

I lead three teams, totalling twenty staff, in customer-facing areas of IT Services: Service Desk, Training & Documentation, and Assistive Technology & Learners’ Toolkit.  The Service Desk manager hat is the most easily recognisable: we’re the guys you call when your IT isn’t happy! Though I’ve worn many career hats, and continue to juggle many roles, I’ve always operated as an intermediary between the technical, IT-centric view and the end-user, consumer view.

Within the University of Aberdeen, I’m also member of the Mediation team, which explores and achieves resolution and agreement for conflicts or issues affecting working and professional relationships, typically involving dispute between two or more staff members.  I am available via HR as a workplace mentor, typically to colleagues in Professional Services or administrative roles. I’m also an IT Incident manager, a Change Approval Board member, and Freedom of Information co-ordinator for IT. Work life is never dull.

In addition to UoA roles, I’m active on the committee of the Digital Capabilities Group (DCG) of the UK-wide University and Colleges Information Systems Association (UCISA), which promotes excellence in delivering IT systems and services in support of teaching, learning, research & administration in HE & FE. Recent roles have included editing and co-authoring national survey and case studies looking at DigiCap in HE, and organising our May 2016 Conference.