Professor John Forrester

Professor John Forrester
Professor John Forrester

Professor John Forrester


Emeritus Professor


Room 4.24 Institute of Medical Sciences



AB25 2ZD

Tel:  01224 437507


Professor Forrester received his MD, ChB from Glasgow University, Scotland in 1970.  In 1980 he received his MD also from the University of Glasgow.  Between 1979-1984 he was Consultant Ophthalmologist/Clinical Lecturer in Ophthalmology at Glasgow University.  In 1984 he was appointed to his current post, Cockburn Professor of Ophthalmology University of Aberdeen/Honorary Consultant Ophthalmologist, NHS Grampian.

He has over the years received 16 awards and Visiting Professorships including the London Hospital Prize for Original Research in Ophthalmology in 1977, the Duke Elder Medal and the Ida Mann Medal in 1991.  He received the Spinoza Professorship in Amsterdam in 1998 and the Kimura Lectureship as Visiting Professor (UCSF) University of California, San Francisco in 2004.

His main areas of research are Diabetic Retinopathy, Angiogenesis, Endothelial Cell Function, Ocular Immunology, Uveitis, Autoimmune Disease, Imaging in Ophthalmology, Wound Healing and Corneal Transplantation and has published over 260 papers.

He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and Glasgow, Royal College of Ophthalmologists, Physicians of Edinburgh, Academy of Medical Sciences and the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

He was Chairman of the RCOphth Medical Ophthalmology Training Sub-Committee and the RCOphth Diabetic Retinopathy Guidelines Committee and a member of the MRC Advisory Board.  He was previously Editor-in-Chief of the British Journal of Ophthalmology 1992-2000.  He is currently an Editorial Board member of the British Journal of Ophthalmology, European Journal of Ophthalmology and Current Eye Research.


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  • Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cell Apoptosis is Influenced by a Combination of Macrophages and Soluble Mediators Present in Age-Related Macular Degeneration

    Devarajan, G., Niven, J., Forrester, J. V., Crane, I. J.
    Current Eye Research, vol. 41, no. 9, pp. 1235-1244
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • A key role for PTP1B in dendritic cell maturation, migration and T cell activation

    Martin-Granados, C., Prescott, A. R., Le Sommer, S., Klaska, I., Yu, T., Muckersie, E., Giuraniuc, V. C., Grant, L., Delibegovic, M., Forrester, J. V.
    Journal of Molecular Cell Biology, vol. 7, no. 6, pp. 517-528
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Dendritic cells and the extracellular matrix: A challenge for maintaining tolerance/homeostasis

    Shankar, S. P., Forrester, J., Kuffova, L.
    World Journal of Immunology, vol. 5, no. 3, pp. 113-130
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Murine pattern recognition receptor dectin-1 is essential in the development of experimental autoimmune uveoretinitis

    Stoppelkamp, S., Reid, D. M., Yeoh, J., Taylor, J., McKenzie, E. J., Brown, G. D., Gordon, S., Forrester, J. V., Wong, S. Y. C.
    Molecular Immunology, vol. 67, no. 2 B, pp. 398-406
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Fundus Autofluorescence in Posterior Uveitis

    Kuffova, L., Forrester, J. V., Lois, N.
    Fundus Autofluorescence. Lois, N., Forrester, J. V. (eds.). 2 edition. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, pp. 262-272, 11 pages
    Chapters in Books, Reports and Conference Proceedings: Chapters
  • Assessing the painful, uninflamed eye in primary care

    Kuffova, L., Forrester, J. V., Dick, A.
    BMJ, vol. 351, h3216
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Treatment of diffuse subretinal fibrosis uveitis with rituximab

    Spiteri Cornish, K., Kuffova, L., Forrester, J.
    British Journal of Ophthalmology, vol. 99, no. 2, pp. 153-154
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Local targeting of the CD200-CD200R axis does not promote corneal graft survival

    Nicholls, S. M., Copland, D. A., Vitova, A., Kuffova, L., Forrester, J. V., Dick, A. D.
    Experimental Eye Research, vol. 130, pp. 1-8
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Behavioural characterization of the sub-acute and acute MPTP mouse model of Parkinson’s disease

    Santoro, M., Melis, V., Moreau, P., Forrester, J., Riedel, G., Teismann, P.
    BNA 2015 Festival of Neuroscience
    Contributions to Conferences: Posters
  • Cathelicidin LL-37 and HSV-1 Corneal Infection: Peptide Versus Gene Therapy

    Lee, C., Buznyk, O., Kuffova, L., Rajendran, V., Forrester, J. V., Phopase, J., Islam, M. M., Skog, M., Ahlqvist, J., Griffith, M.
    Translational vision science & technology, vol. 3, no. 3, pp. 4
    Contributions to Journals: Articles


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