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The University of Aberdeen The Institute of Medical Sciences (IMS)
School of Medicine, Medical Sciences & Nutrition
University of Aberdeen
Aberdeen, AB25 2ZD
United Kingdom
Office: IMS, Room 2:20
Lab: IMS, Rooms 2:04 & 4:08
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1992-2003: Studying Botany and Genetics at the University of Vienna, Austria and at the University of Cologne, Germany

2000: Mag. rer. nat. (MRes in Botany, with distinction; University of Vienna, Austria)

2003: Dr. rer. nat. (PhD in Genetics, with distinction; University of Vienna, Austria)

2003-2005: Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Department of Chromosome Biology, University of Vienna, Austria

2005-2007: Erwin Schrödinger-Fellow of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) researching at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford, UK

2007-2013: Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford, UK

Since 2013: Lecturer in Molecular Cell Biology; School of Medicine, Medical Sciences & Nutrition; University of Aberdeen, UK


Research Interests



Professor Neil A. R. Gow, Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen, UK

Professor Adele Marston, Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology, University of Edinburgh, UK

Professor Harry Scherthan, Bundeswehr Institute of Radiobiology affiliated with the University of Ulm, Germany

Professor Matthew Whitby, Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford, UK

Research Grants

08/2018-01/2020: Seed Award in Science - Wellcome Trust

01/2018-01/2019: Research Grant - Tenovus Scotland (with Prof Neil Gow)

10/2017-10/2020: MRC-CMM award for a 3-year PhD-studentship (with Prof Neil Gow) - MRC & University of Aberdeen, UK

10/2017-10/2021: IMS award for a 4-year PhD-studentship (with Prof Neil Gow) - University of Aberdeen, UK

10/2017-10/2021: EastBio-DTP awards for two 4-year PhD-studentships (with Prof Adele Marston, University of Edinburgh) - BBSRC

06/2017-11/2017: Seed Corn Fund (with Prof Neil Gow) - Institutional Strategic Support Fund, Wellcome Trust

04/2017: One-off Meeting sponsorship (with Dr Isabelle Colas) for the 9th British Meiosis Meeting in Dundee - Genetics Society UK

06/2016-08/2016: G&D Summer studentship (for Ki Choi CHAN, University of York) - Genetics Society UK

01/2015-09/2015: Research Incentive Grant - The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland

10/2014-10/2015: Research Grant - Royal Society

10/2013-10/2017: DTG award for a 4-year PhD-studentship - BBSRC & University of Aberdeen, UK

09/2013: Principal’s Excellence Fund - University of Aberdeen

07/2005-07/2007: Erwin Schrödinger-Fellowship - Austrian Science Fund (FWF)

10/1997-06/1998: ERASMUS/SOCRATES-scholarship - European Union


Teaching Responsibilities

Course Co-ordination

GN3502 - Genetics


MB3006 - Molecular Biology of the Cell: 'Cell Cycle & Cell Division' (Lectures)

GN3502 - Genetics: 'Mendelian Genetics', 'Chromosome Biology', 'Fungal Genetics' (Lectures)

MC3504 - Molecular Microbiology: 'Fungal Genetics and Biology' (Lectures)

MB4050 - Genome Organisation and Analysis: 'Genome Integrity - DNA Repair, Homologous Recombination, and Meiosis' (Lectures)

MB5024 - Medical Mycology & Fungal Immunology: '"Sexual" Reproduction in Candida' (Lecture)

MC3504 - Molecular Microbiology: 'Research Tutorial'

MB5518 - MSc Genetics: 'Research tutorial'


BI20M3 - Molecular Biology of the Gene: 'Restriction Analysis of DNA'

SM2001 - Foundation Skills for Medical Sciences: 'Data Collection and Statistics', 'Experimental Design'

GN3502 - Genetics: 'Analysis of Meiotic Recombination'

Student Supervision

MB4502 - 'Molecular Biology Honours Research Project'

MB5902 - 'Masters Research Project'

BT5007 - 'Industrial Placement'


Further Info

External Responsibilities

Grant reviewer: Academia Sinica|Taiwan, BBSRC|UK, ERA-CAPS|European Union, MRC|UK, NWO|Netherlands, SRDA-APVV|Slovakia, and Wellcome Trust|UK

Ad hoc reviewer for international research journals: Biomolecules, BMC Genomics, Chromosoma, Fungal Biology Reviews, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Journal of Cell Science, Journal of Medical Microbiology, Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, Nucleic Acids Research, PLoS Genetics, Scientific Reports, and Theoretical and Applied Genetics



Admin Responsibilities

Since October 2014 Member of and since January 2016 Biological Safety Officer for the Foresterhill Biological Safety Committee


Selected Publications

Lorenz A (2017) Modulation of meiotic homologous recombination by DNA helicases. - Yeast 34 (5): 195-203

Lorenz A, Mehats A, Osman F, Whitby MC (2014) Rad51/Dmc1 paralogs and mediators oppose DNA helicases to limit hybrid DNA formation and promote crossovers during meiotic recombination. - Nucleic Acids Research 42 (22): 13723-13735

Lorenz A, Osman F, Sun W, Nandi S, Steinacher R, Whitby MC (2012) The fission yeast FANCM ortholog directs non-crossover recombination during meiosis. - Science (New York, N.Y.) 336 (6088): 1585-1588

Latypov V, Rothenberg M, Lorenz A, Octobre G, Csutak O, Lehmann E, Loidl J, Kohli J (2010) Roles of Hop1 and Mek1 in meiotic chromosome pairing and recombination partner choice in Schizosaccharomyces pombe. - Molecular and Cellular Biology 30 (7): 1570-1581

Sun W, Nandi S, Osman F, Ahn JS, Jakovleska J, Lorenz A, Whitby MC (2008) The FANCM ortholog Fml1 promotes recombination at stalled replication forks and limits crossing over during DNA double-strand break repair. - Molecular Cell 32 (1): 118-128

Lorenz A, Wells JL, Pryce DW, Novatchkova M, Eisenhaber F, McFarlane RJ, Loidl J (2004) S. pombe meiotic linear elements contain proteins related to synaptonemal complex components. - Journal of Cell Science 117 (15): 3343-3351

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 Microbiology Society UK