• LightCycler 480 II - £27/plate
  • StepOne Plus - £17/plate
  • UPL Library Probes - £1/µl

If you require costings for a grant application, please contact facility staff to obtain a custom quotation well before your application deadline.


All users must be trained by a member of the facility staff and users must be deemed competent before being allowed to use the instruments independently.

Training is tailored to instrument and chemistry to be used and is usually on a one-to-one basis or a small group.

Users who have previous qPCR experience should contact facility staff to discuss their work and arrange for any extra training that they may require.

There is a charge for training provided by the facility, please contact facility staff to discuss this.


Slots on the instruments must be booked in advance. The facility instruments are booked via Outlook Calendering. Please contact facility staff for access to the calendars.

We recommend booking for a 2 h period.