Facility Equipment

Facility Equipment

Preparation Area

We have a dedicated preparation area for setting up qPCR experiments. All the equipment required is provided and consumables such as tips are included in plate charges (see charges for more details).

qPCR lab


LightCycler 480LightCycler 480 II (3 instruments)

  • 96 & 384 well blocks available
  • 1h run time

Wide range of assay formats supported:

  • UPL
  • Hydrolysis probes (TaqMan)
  • Simple probes
  • SYBR green I
  • HybProbes

MIQE compliant data analysis

Multiplexing - up to 5 colours

Assays available:

  • Gene expression (relative and absolute quantification)
  • Gene scanning
  • Endpoint genotyping
  • Melt curve genotyping
  • HRM

StepOne PlusStepOne Plus

  • Dedicated 96 well block
  • Standard and fast modes
  • Touchscreen or PC based controls
  • High performance qPCR and HRM
  • Supports of full range of TaqMan assays
  • Analysis software available to download
  • 3 colour multiplexing (ROX normalisation)
  • Veriflex block – temperature control, ability to set gradients

Assays available:

  • SNP genotyping
  • Gene expression (absolute and relative quantification)
  • miRNA expression
  • Protein expression
  • Translocation analysis
  • Gene detection