Outgoing Students

With the Erasmus exchange programme you can study or work in another European country as part of your degree programme.

The credits gained from study abroad count towards your Aberdeen degree programme - it won't add an extra year to your studies!  Participants will also receive a grant to help with any extra costs incurred.

The University of Aberdeen has links with around 120 universities across Europe.  Opportunities available depend on your degree programme. For more information about our partner universities, please follow the 'Erasmus Links by Department' on the left.

Not sure whether Erasmus is for you? Take a look at our Erasmus presentation and prepare to be convinced...

You will find lots of helpful information about the application process in our Erasmus Applicant Guide for Outgoing Students 2018/19.

If you are successfully placed on the Erasmus+ programme you should consult our Erasmus Abroad Guide 2018/19 to guide you through the next stages of your Erasmus journey. Aberdeen students currently on Erasmus exchange in 2017/18 should refer to the 2017/18 version of the guide.

You can also keep up-to-date with the latest Erasmus news on our Facebook page.

The application for Erasmus+ Study in 2018/19 will open on 15 January 2018 with a deadline of 26 January 2018.

The application for Erasmus+ Traineeships in 2018/19 and for Summer 2018 will open on 19 March 2018 with a deadline of 30 March 2018.

In the meantime, please sign up for our Mailing List to be kept updated with the latest news, events and in order to be notified when applications open.