Indian Peter: Aiberdeen Slave

Indian Peter: Aiberdeen Slave

Blackhall, Sheena

Hear the tale o Indian Peter
Fin this littlin left his mither
Gaed a daunder roon the herbour
There, wis captured bi a slaver.

Skirls war drooned bi piper's chanter
Echt year auld, his next mishanter
Shipwrecked aff Americay
Saved, an selt in slavery.

Grew tae manhood. Fur a neebor,
Wolf an bear an moose an beaver
There, far Indians war steerin
There, in siventeen fifty siven
Kidnapped neth the maple trees
Bi the warlike Cherokees

Rain daunce, scalpin, skirls an slaughter
He escaped, becam a sodjer
Focht until the war wis deen
Sailed fur hame, an Aiberdeen
Thon's the stuff o film an theatre
Local hero- Indian Peter!