The Vet

The Vet

Blackhall, Sheena, & Wheeler, Les

I'm a vet. I wirk wi beasts
Lammies, calfies, shelts an yowes
Kittlins, puppies, dyeuks an snakes
Trampin ower braes an knowes

Guineas pigs, tarantulas
Aa the things that flegg yer mas
Lookin in their moos an lugs
Fur flechs an fevers, plooks an bugs

Whyles they bite an whyles they scrat
Moosie, parakeet an cat
Moos an woofs an miews an howls
Quacks an hisses, skreichs an growls.

Claw an cleuk an nippy fang
Let the vet ken fits gaen wrang
Noo a pooder, neist a peel
Syne yer patient's feelin weel
Waggin tail means healthy pet
Hame an safe, thanks tae the vet!