Wheeler, Les

Thomas Edison wis readin ae nicht
Fan his caunnle gaed splutterin oot.
Says he, 'I'll invent the electric licht
An then I can feenish my beuk!'

John Logie Baird wis rinnin alang
Wi his dog on the wye tae the shops
'I'll need tae get hame an finish that telly
Or I'm gyan tae miss Top of the Pops!'

Peer Mrs. Morse tellt her neebor ae day
That her husband wis nae aa that bad:
But his dots an his dashes aa ower the hoose
Wir fairly drivin her mad!

Wi some attar o roses an wi bitties o herbs
A perfume this lass wid invent.
She dabbed it on aawye, but wi nae success
Fan fowk smellt it they upped an they wint!