The Billy Goats Gruff

The Billy Goats Gruff

Robertson, Ella

The three Billy Goats Gruff bade in a field at ae side o the river. It wis getting gey bare o grass and the goats wir getting hungry. Ower on the ither side o' the river wis a braw field o grass jist waiting tae be aiten. Bit they could only get tae the field if they crossed ower the brig and under the brig there wis an Ugly Troll that widna let onybody ower. He ate them up if they tried tae cross.
The littlest Billy Goat Gruff was really stairvin.
"I'm gaen tae risk it," he telt his brithers. "My belly's rumblin something affa and I canna stand it ony mair!''
Aff he set doon tae the brig and started tae cross. Up popped the Ugly Troll.
"Fa's that trip trappin' ower my brig?"
"It's only me," said the littlest Billy Goat Gruff "I'm affa hungry and I'm gaen across tae that field tae hae a feed o' grass."
"I eat onybody that tries tae cross my brig," the Troll growled, looking really fierce.

"Oh, dinna waste yer time eating me," said the littlest Billy Goat Gruff "There's nae muckle tae ait oan me. Wait till my brither comes ower. He's a lot fatter than me."

The Troll eyed him up and thocht he wis maybe richt and let him pass. The wee goat scooted ower tae the ither side and chuckled tae himsel.

The second Billy Goat Gruff saw his wee brither gobbling up the grass ower the river and thocht he wid chance getting ower the brig as well. Aff he set and started tae cross.Up popped the Troll's ugly heid scaring the livin' daylights oot o the second Billy Goat Gruff.
" Fa's that trip trapping ower my brig?" the Ugly Troll growled.
"It's jist me, the second Billy Goat Gruff," the wee goat telt him in a whiny voice.
"Then I'm gaen tae eat ye up for my denner," the Ugly Troll telt him.
"Ok, dinna bather wasting yer energy aitin me up," the wee goat said. "My brither is coming ower tae and he's huge. He wid mak a really fine feed for ye."

The Troll wisna affa keen tae let him go and he licked his lips but the second Billy Goat Gruff wheedled his wey oot o trouble and jined his brither oan the ither side o' the river and the twa o' them gobbled up the fine grass.
The third Billy Goat Gruff wis feeling left oot, forby starving o' hunger. If the ither twa could get ower the brig then sae could he. Aff he set.
Clump, clump, clump.

His hooves rattled aff the wooden brig makin a terrible noise. Oot popped the Ugly Troll.
"Fa's that trip trapping ower my brig?" he grunted in his fiercest voice.
"It's me, the third Billy Goat Gruff," The big goat replied.
"Then ye've nae chance o getting ower. I'm nae entertaining ony excuses, I'm hae'in' ye for my denner."
The Troll jumped on tae the brig and faced the biggest Billy Goat Gruff.The third Billy Goat Gruff backed back tae the start o the brig, pit doon his heid and raced at the Troll. There wis an almighty thump as the twa heids met. They landed oan their backsides and glowered at ane anither. Syne they backed aff for anither race. The third Billy Goat Gruff tossed the Troll hich in the air wi his big horns and watched him clatterin intae the watter doon below. That wis the end o' the Troll.
The third Billy Goat Gruff pit his heid in the air and marched ower the brig tae jine his brithers.