Prose Bi Bairns

Prose Bi Bairns
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A Convalescent by Mackintosh, Annie
A Feel Day For Gossip by Forbes, John
A Ruin in a Clearing by McCormick, Annmarie


Canada by Roper, Christopher
Clarts by Beattie, Bryan


Fishin by Sharp, Alistair
Flittin by Beattie, Scott
Fyvie Castle by Davidson, Hannah
Fyvie Castle by Warren, Josh
Fyvie Castle by Kennedy, Kaleigh


Guttin Fish by Findlay, Gemma


Letter Fae the Tolbooth by Stuart, Sara
Letter Fae the Tolbooth by Singer, Claire
Letter Fae the Tolbooth by Hunter, Ricky
Letter Fae the Tolbooth by MacIndoe, Joe
Letter Fae the Tolbooth by Davidson, James Steven


Ma Bedtime Teddy by Sutherland, Vicki


Oor Yowes by Reid, Glenn


Responsibility by Kennedy, Jonathan


Sea Divil by Carter, Lorne
Setterdays by Notman, Laura
Smeddum by Phillips, Danielle
Smuggler by Redmond, Iain


The Cooper by Euart, Jonathan
The Fish Gutter by Findlay, Hannah
The Fish Gutter by Kaemper, Kym
The Fisherman by Gardiner, John
The Packer by McKay, Valerie
The Shipvricht by Ritchie, Mark
The White Bull by Allan, Stuart Graeme


Wee Reed Ridin Hood by Jessiman, Ryan & Spracklers, Alex