Granite, Caul Winds, and Wildly Conspicuous Consumption: A Love Affair with Serious Reservations

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Elphinstone Institute Public Lecture Series

The North-East of Scotland has one of the richest cultural heritages to be found anywhere in the world – castles, stone circles, carved stones, bothy ballads, and the Doric tongue. Aberdeen-born broadcaster Mark Stephen offers a personal analysis of how some of that wealth has been hijacked by a cultural elite, some of it has been by and large ignored, and some of it is seen nowadays as being only fit for comedy.

Mark Stephen is Radio Scotland's most prolific features presenter. He presents the highly popular weekly outdoor magazine programme Out of Doors on Saturday mornings, the history series Past Lives, and the one-on one conversation series Turning Points. Aside from that, last year, he presented programmes about the global economic importance of the bicycle in Namibia, China, and Denmark.

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Mark Stephen
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