Aberdeen Chinese Studies Group 'Moral Crisis in Rural China'

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Aberdeen Chinese Studies Group 'Moral Crisis in Rural China'

This is a past event

"Moral Crisis in Rural China: irony and complicity in Hubei Province"

The talk is based on his fieldwork research in a Hubei village.

Dr Hans Steinmuller is a specialist in the anthropology of China from the London School of Economics .He has conducted longterm fieldwark in the Enshi region of Hubei Province in central China, focusing on family, work, ritual, and the local state. The main object of his research are the ethics of everyday life in rural China, but he has also writtenon topics such as gambling, rural development, and Chinese geomancy (fengshui). Recently he has started a new research project on craftsmanship and carpentry in central China.

Dr Hans Steinmulle
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China Studies Group
Room F61, Edward Wright Building, Old Aberdeen