Italy - University of Camerino

Italy - University of Camerino

Universita degli Studi di Camerino

Suitable for Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Medical Sciences.


The University of Camerino (Unicam) has a history that dates as far back as 1336 when the "Studium Generale" was established. In 1727 Pope Benedictus XIII renamed the university ‘Universitas Studii Generalis’. In 1958 the university became a state university and is now known as the University of Camerino. There is a great sense of respect for different ideas, different backgrounds and different cultures, a positive, productive and creative environment where your personal objectives can be reached, thanks to the small classes, excellent facilities and services, and excellent professor/student ratio.

The university is located in Camerino, a small town in central-eastern Italy. Camerino is situated in the province of Macerata in Italy’s Marche region. The University is well known for the Orto Botanico dell'Università di Camerino. This is the large botanical garden operated by the University of Camerino.


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