France - Université Haute-Alsace

France - Université Haute-Alsace

Université Haute-Alsace

Suitable for Language (French) Students


The Université de Haute-Alsace (UHA) was officially founded on the 8th October 1975 and now incorporates 4 faculties, 2 engineering schools and 2 Institutes of Technology some of which pre-date the university itself. Ever since, the university has continued to expand and improve its education and training course portfolio and also to focus upon its research to feed into its learning and teaching programmes and enhance their professionalism and innovative nature. Student support is a priority and the university’s size enables them to have this close relationship with teachers, researchers and UHA services.

The UHA is a small Alsatian university in the heart of the Three Frontier Region. The University sees it as a point of honour to develop close links with each of its students but also with its partners whether they be local or international. The surrounding economic environment is very important because it was industry that created the Université de Haute-Alsace.

Alsace profits from an ideal position right in the heart of Europe, situated in France yet close to both Germany and Switzerland. Its human scale coupled with its modern infrastructure make it very accessible. Moreover, it is a particularly attractive region where one can live well thanks to its gastronomy, countryside and culture amongst other things. It is a dynamic region with a strong identity.


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