Erasmus Traineeship

Erasmus Traineeship

Please note that the UK's participation in the Erasmus programme will continue until the end of any currently active projects. Therefore, students can continue to participate in traineeships through the Erasmus Programme until May 2023, when our final project ends. 

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As well as study exchange opportunities, Erasmus+ offers funding to support students to gain valuable international work experience in a European organisation.

Who would this option suit?

An Erasmus+ traineeship is an option for all students, regardless of degree programme or level.  Typical traineeship activity includes:

  • English Language Assistantships - students on Modern Language degree programmes are required to spend a period of time abroad in a country of their studied language.  Some will choose to spend this time studying at a partner institution but others may choose to undertake an Erasmus+ traineeship.  This could be teaching English through the British Council's ELA programme or an independent traineeship plan, with support and approval from the relevant Go Abroad Tutor.
  • Industrial Placement - students on 5-year degree programmes with 'industrial placement' in the title will spend a full year working in industry.
  • Degree Project Abroad - students on degree programmes involving a final year project e.g. MChem or Engineering, may choose to undertake this at a suitable European institution. Students of Postgraduate or Doctorate degrees may also pursue this option to undertake a period of research or training at a European institution.
  • Summer Traineeship - a flexible option for all students. To give some examples, previously Aberdeen students have saved sea turtles in Greece, undertaken lab work in the Netherlands and worked for a technology start-up in Dublin.
  • Graduate Traineeship - current students are eligible to apply for funding for a traineeship taking place within 12 months of graduation.

Funding criteria

To be eligible for Erasmus+ funding, traineeships must:

  • take place in a participating country (EU/EEA + Turkey + Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia).  You cannot receive funding for traineeships taking place in the UK, Switzerland, nor in your home country.
  • be at least 60 days duration.
  • be full-time, applicable to the type of work
  • be relevant to your subject area (this does not apply to graduate traineeships or traineeships in digital skills).

EU bodies including specialised agencies and organisations managing EU programmes, such as National agencies, are not eligible as host organisations for Erasmus+ funded traineeships (in case of conflict of interest or double funding).

Important points to note

  • We cannot source a traineeship for you. Rather this is an opportunity to receive additional funding for an eligible traineeship which you have secured independently. For tips on sourcing a traineeship, see our How do I apply? page
  • If you have already received funding for an Erasmus study exchange or traineeship then this will affect your eligibility - please email the Erasmus Team for more information
  • Graduate traineeships - applications must be submitted while you are a student. We cannot accept your application after you have graduated.
  • If you have sourced a traineeship that takes place outside of Europe we may be able to offer funding via the Turing Scheme, the UK government's replacement programme for Erasmus+. For more information please email

For an overview of Erasmus+ Funded Traineeships, see our presentation and to find out more about applying visit our How to Apply page

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