Students' Association

Students' Association

Our Students’ Association (AUSA) is open to every student at the University. Members have access to a range of advice and services, as well as the opportunity to meet new people, start new hobbies, develop existing interests and influence the student culture which surrounds them.

Advice and Services

AUSA provides an Advice Centre for students to help with a range of issues, including accommodation, welfare, equal opportunities, healthcare, bus routes and more.

The Money Advice Service is available through AUSA at the Information Centre. It provides tips for budgeting, money management, and information on private accommodation.

AUSA is also home to our University Sabbatical Officers, who are here to help with any problems you may encounter during your time at University. AUSA hosts an overnight support service called Nightline, a confidential listening and information service which is run by trained volunteers. 

Joblink and Volunteering Centre within AUSA can help you find part-time work and volunteering opportunities to enhance your CV.

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There are over 150 societies covering all interests and joining a society is a great way to meet like-minded people, gain new skills or excel in your interests.

AUSA’s Societies include:

  • Departmental Societies — Societies relating to the various departments at the University
  • Cultural Societies — Societies dedicated to celebrating different world cultures
  • Faith Societies — Societies celebrating different world faiths
  • Create Change Societies — Societies dedicated to environment or political concerns
  • Creative Arts Societies — Societies who like to perform or create art
  • General Interest Societies — Societies who have a particular interest or hobby

Student Media

AUSA (Aberdeen University Students' Association) has its own radio station, Aberdeen Student Radio, and is one of the only institutions in the UK with a free, weekly newspaper. This comes in the form of Gaudie, totally run by students, for students, which reports on news from the University and the wider world.

Raising and Giving

Raising and Giving (RAG) is a collection of students from across Aberdeen who raise huge amounts of money for local charities through a variety of events. Two of the largest events are the Student Show; and the Torcher Parade, the largest torch-lit parade in Europe involving around 2,000 students, 45 lorries and 50,000 spectators. 

Raising and Giving also hosts a Fashion Show and is the group responsible for providing a charitable second hand book shop in the Students' Union Building called Bookends.

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AUSA organise and host a variety of events each year including Freshers Week and Graduation Ball. It also hosts smaller events and campaigns such as the infamous Superteams Sporting Challenge and welfare campaigns which bring student issues to the forefront of campus.

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