Other Useful Information for Postgraduate Offer Holders

1. Start Date

For most Taught programmes, the start date given in the Summary of Offer section is the start of registration week. Teaching will normally begin on the Monday of the following week but detailed information about induction and your programme timetable will be made available on the New Students website in the weeks before your programme is due to start.  

If you arrive later than the start of teaching week you will miss classes and it will be your responsibility to catch up on material you have missed.  In all cases, all students must arrive by the latest state date noted on the Certificate of Acceptance. You will not be admitted after the latest start date.

For Research programmes of study, the start date given in the Summary of Offer section (or the first working day thereafter) is normally both registration and the start of your studies.

Once the application/admission process is complete you must remember to officially register and, if appropriate, re-register at the start of each new academic year (from mid to end September).

2. Postgraduate Student Assessment
  • Taught Programmes: usually by a combination of coursework, examination and dissertation. Programme and/or individual course co-ordinator(s) will give precise details.
  • Research: by thesis and oral examination


University of Aberdeen Academic Quality Handbook

The University’s Academic Quality Handbook includes information on Student Guidance and Learner Support (Section 5). The Appendices in Section 5 include downloadable Codes of Practice for Postgraduate Taught and Research students. Section 7 provides information on Assessment and Examination for Taught Courses and Programmes and Section 8 will be of interest to Research students.