1. How to Accept Your Offer


Read the Terms and Conditions-  Postgraduate

NOTE: If you hold more than one offer of admission or, if you have submitted more than one application, please wait until you have all decisions before making your final choice of offer to accept.


Go to pages 3 and 4 of your offer letter where you will find the Acceptance and Financial Guarantee Forms.

Please complete sections A, B and C and then sign and date section D of the Acceptance Form.

Please complete section 1 of the Financial Guarantee Form to indicate how you intend to fund your studies.  Sign and date the form in section 2.

Send the fully completed forms to Postgraduate Admissions as soon as possible

If you’ve been awarded a scholarship, please send a copy of the sponsorship award letter with the Acceptance and Financial Guarantee Form.  If you’ve applied for a scholarship but haven’t heard the outcome yet, please send the sponsorship award letter with an amended Financial Guarantee Form to Postgraduate Admissions as soon as you receive it.

To ensure that you can arrive on time, we suggest that you try to send all documents requested by the Admissions Team no less than 4 weeks before the programme start date.

2. Satisfying the Conditions of an Offer

If the offer of admission is conditional on achieving academic, English Language or other conditions, please upload the final transcript and degree certificate (in the original language and with an English translation) and/or your English Language Certificate or other relevant documentation to the Applicant Portal as soon as they are available.  

If you need to improve your English language scores, the University’s Language Centre offers a range of Pre-sessional and Academic English Preparation courses to help applicants achieved the required standard in English language.  Please visit the Language Centre website for more information.

3. Final Stage - 'Cleared for Admission'

Once you have accepted your offer by returning the completed Acceptance and Financial Guarantee Forms and satisfied all conditions, you will be ‘cleared for admission’. 

The Joining Papers which include a Certificate of Acceptance and your Student ID Number will be sent to you by email.

4. Start Dates and Registration

Taught Degrees

For most Taught programmes, the start date detailed in the offer of admission letter is the start of registration week.  It is important to try to arrive during registration week so that you can attend orientation and induction events. 

In most cases, teaching will usually begin on the Monday of the following week but please check the New Students website in the weeks before your programme is due to start for programme-specific information.  

If you arrive later than the start of teaching week you will miss classes and it will be your responsibility to catch up on everything that you have missed. 

In all cases, all students must arrive by the latest state date noted on the Certificate of Acceptance. You will not be admitted after the latest start date.

Research Degrees

For Research degrees, the start date given in the offer of admission letter (or the first working day thereafter) is normally both registration and the start of your studies.

All Students

You must register before you can commence studies and, if appropriate, re-register at the start of each new academic year (in September).

1. How to Defer Entry

To defer entry, please indicate on the Acceptance/Decline Form that you wish to defer, sign and date the form then return it to Postgraduate Admissions as soon as you can.  Please note that applicants to the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice (DPLP) may not defer.

Note: please keep us informed of any change in your correspondence address, or if at any stage after accepting an offer you find that you will be unable to take up your place. Changes to your e-mail address should be recorded in the Applicant Portal.  Remember that, if you have not done so already, you can always apply to defer your offer of a place if you have not managed to secure funding (please note that applicants to the DPLP may not defer).


2. Declining our Offer

To decline the offer, please complete the Acceptance/Decline Form indicating that you wish to decline it. Please sign and date the form before returning it to Postgraduate Admissions.