Immigration Requirements On Arrival

Immigration Requirements On Arrival

Under the immigration rules all licensed immigration sponsors are required by law to keep the following information on students in possession of a Student Visa:

  • Up to date contact information for all students studying at the University
  • Contact history for all students studying at the University
  • A copy of the passport, including the visa page and the biometric card (if applicable) for all students studying at the University
  • Monitor attendance and progress of all students studying at the University

When you arrive, it is important that you register with the University at the designated time. Registration staff will ensure that you have undertaken Online Registration and that you have entered a term time address (i.e. a local address in Aberdeen), that you have selected your curriculum (this is done through the MyCurriculum website) or have met with your supervisor if you are a postgraduate research student. Take a copy of your passport and your original passport with you to registration. Each copied page will be checked against your original passport. You do not need to photocopy any blank pages of your passport (ie pages that contain no information). If all is in order, the copy of your passport will be stamped, dated, signed by the Registry official and retained on file. You will then be issued with a University ID card (as long as you have previously mailed in or uploaded your photograph). Under the new Points Based immigration system, the University is obliged to keep copies of your passport and you must ensure that your contact details in the UK are up-to-date at all times. After you have registered as a student you will be able to keep your address details up-to-date through your Student Hub.

If you fail to register with the University during the normal registration period, as stated on your Certificate of Acceptance, or if you are found not to be at the address you have provided, we are obliged to report you to the UK immigration authorities - UKVI.

You should expect to register in this way at the beginning of each academic term during your studies (in September, January and April each year). It is important that you register promptly each year so that the University knows that you are present and attending, otherwise you will be reported to the UKVI.