Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society (AFES) Bursaries

Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society (AFES) Bursaries


AFES offers bursaries to MSc students and partial PhD funding to support education in the areas of petrophysics and formation evaluation.


Please note, this scholarship is only available for Aberdeen- campus students.

Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society is a not-for-profit charity aiming to support and promote petrophysics in the region. As such, AFES offers bursaries to MSc and PhD students.

  • MSc Students: The amount is up to £500 per student. Successful candidates will demonstrate that their project has a practical application of petrophysics and show an interest in the broader discipline of petrophysics.
  • PhD students: The amount is up to £1000 per student per year. Offered to Students undertaking a PhD in Petrophysics, Geology, Geophysics, Reservoir Engineering or Petroleum Engineering. The subject areas may include (but not limited to) using log/core data to discriminate facies characteristics within a field, using SCAL data, image log data, saturation height functions, reservoir quality, seismic rock properties, rock mechanics, production logging, determining petrophysical uncertainties etc.

Application Procedure

Applicants will find application forms in the AFES website link Student Funding – AFES, or contact President@afes.org.uk

Funding requests are accepted and considered throughout the year.


Available until further notice.