The North Research Theme

The North Research Theme

The North New 250Aberdeen offers a base for northern research that uniquely affords a truly circumpolar perspective.  The region, known as the 'circumpolar North', is defined by latitude and the tight intersection of climatic, environmental, historical, geopolitical and cultural conditions and together these give significance for the future of life on earth out of proportion to its relatively sparse human population.

The North Research Theme consisted of four programmes and 16 projects (several based within the School of Social Science) incorporating northern interests that aimed to provide an environment in which projects could be developed and include current research ranging from sociology, anthropology, music, language, art and archaeology to geology, applied sciences, hydrology and climate change:


These programmes were interdisciplinary, and brought together colleagues from the then, College of Physical Sciences (CoPS), the College of Life Sciences and Medicine (CLSM) and the College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS).

The North theme was established in June 2011 and was led by Professor Tim Ingold based in the School of Social Science and was managed by 17 Project Board members, drawn from the then, three Colleges of the University with the long term aim of establishing an Aberdeen Institute for the North with its own building, centred on a Museum of the North to act as a magnet for researchers from around the world.

Professor Timothy Ingold - The North Theme Leader

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