Anatomy modelThe University of Aberdeen boasts a state of the art anatomy facility, designed and built to fit perfectly with the systems-based medical curriculum.

In the anatomy department, our students begin an exciting 3 year journey of discovery of human morphology, gaining excellent hands on knowledge of the whole body through the use of our prosected cadaveric specimens. Students are guided throughout this voyage by our friendly and dedicated team of anatomy staff as well as visiting clinicians from a range of surgical, dental and medical specialties, allowing students to seamlessly weave in-depth knowledge of traditional anatomy with its clinical applications.

Some students also have the unique opportunity to engage individually in whole body dissection and a number of clinically orientated dissection projects!

In addition to traditional learning using cadaveric material, we are proud to house a state of the art 3D anatomy learning resource allowing the integration of 3D virtual anatomy into lectures and other teaching scenarios. A full range of online anatomy resources are accessible on-site and/or remotely to all of our students.

An enthralling, world renowned collection of historical models, specimens and artwork is located right on our doorstep, within our in-house Anatomy Museum, ready to quench the thirst of all students with an historical or artistic medical interest.

Anatomy Collection

Established in the 1870s, the Anatomy Museum has a wide-ranging collection including skeletal material, fluid-preserved specimens of human tissue, historical and modern models and works on paper. Of special interest are a set of 19th century watercolours and a series of anatomical drawings by Albert Morocco.