One of the great advantages of having a biology degree from the University of Aberdeen is that it provides you with a very broad range of skills to offer employers.

Not only do we train students in scientific methodology in the laboratory and in the field, we incorporate what we call 'graduate attributes' into the whole curriculum. Employers now expect an impressive list of skills, knowledge and experience in their graduate recruits and we aim to help you acquire these.

Students in the School of Biological Sciences have the opportunity to collaborate with external organisations, for example whilst undertaking an Honours or MSci project. In addition to allowing you to develop a valuable link with a potential employer, this gives you the opportunity to experience the application of your learning in the 'real world' and to develop a range of skills such as communication, working with others, use of specialist IT and time management, all of which will make you a more effective employee following graduation.

Many career possibilities are open to graduate biologists. As well as being prepared for PhDs, Masters degrees or employment in many areas of biological sciences, biologists find employment in ecology, environmental impact, healthcare, molecular biology, conservation and land management, including forest management, climate change, biological modelling, scientific publishing, TV, support to government, teaching in colleges, universities and schools, public education (zoos, museums, nature reserves, scientific societies etc.), biomedical sciences and a host of other professions.

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