Dr Mohamed Abdalla

Dr Mohamed Abdalla

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Dr Mohamed Abdalla
Dr Mohamed Abdalla

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After obtaining my MSc degree, in crop production ecology, from Wageningen University, the Netherlands I moved to Ireland where I got a PhD degree in plant ecophysiology and biogeochemistry from Trinity College Dublin, Botany department then, joined the department as a postdoc. I moved to the University of Aberdeen, School of Biological Sciences to work as a research fellow/modeller in 2012. I have been working/collaborating on different national, European and international projects to conduct interdisciplinary research studies/modelling on greenhouse gas emissions from soil, carbon and N biogeochemistry, land-use change, sustainability  and climate change mitigation and adaptation. I have extensive experiences in measuring, monitoring, accounting, reporting and modelling greenhouse gas emissions, soil carbon sequestration, climate change mitigation and adaptation, land-use planning and nutrient management to achieve agricultural sustainability.


Research Overview

My research interests include process based biogeochemical modeling, global change impacts on ecosystems, agricultural strategies to mitigate climate change, and agricultural sustainability.


I am collaborating with the Greenhouse gas Reseach groups in Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin and Teagasc in Ireland.



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  • A systematic analysis and review of the impacts of afforestation on soil quality indicators as modified by climate zone, forest type and age

    Guo, Y., Abdalla, M., Espenberg, M., Hastings, A., Hallett, P., Smith, P.

    Science of the Total Environment, vol. 757, 143824

    Contributions to Journals: Articles

  • Ensemble modelling, uncertainty and robust predictions of organic carbon in long-term bare-fallow soils

    Farina, R., Sándor, R., Abdalla, M., Álvaro-Fuentes, J., Bechini, L., Bolinder, M. A., Brilli, L., Chenu, C., Clivot, H., De Antoni Migliorati, M., Di Bene, C., Dorich, C. D., Ehrhardt, F., Ferchaud, F., Fitton, N., Francaviglia, R., Franko, U., Giltrap, D., Grant, B. B., Guenet, B., Harrison, M. T., Kirschbaum, M. U. F., Kuka, K., Kulmala, L., Liski, J., McGrath, M. J., Meier, E., Menichetti, L., Moyano, F., Nendel, C., Recous, S., Reibold, N., Shepherd, A., Smith, W. N., Smith, P., Soussana, J., Stella, T., Taghizadeh-Toosi, A., Tsutskikh, E., Bellocchi, G.

    Global Change Biology, vol. 27, no. 4, pp. 904-928

    Contributions to Journals: Articles

  • Global Research Alliance N2O chamber methodology guidelines: Summary of modeling approaches

    Giltrap, D., Yeluripati, J., Smith, P., Fitton, N., Smith, W., Grant, B., Dorich, C. D., Deng, J., Topp, C. F. E., Abdalla, M., Liáng, L. L., Snow, V.

    Journal of Environmental Quality, vol. 49, no. 5, pp. 1168-1185

    Contributions to Journals: Articles

  • Calibration and validation of the DNDC model to estimate nitrous oxide emissions and crop productivity for a summer maize-winter wheat double cropping system in Hebei, China

    Abdalla, M., Song, X., Ju, X., Topp, C. F. E., Smith, P.

    Environmental Pollution, vol. 262, pp. 114199

    Contributions to Journals: Articles

  • A critical review of the impacts of cover crops on nitrogen leaching, net greenhouse gas balance and crop productivity

    Abdalla, M., Hastings, A., Cheng, K., Yue, Q., Chadwick, D., Espenberg, M., Truu, J., Rees, R. M., Smith, P.

    Global Change Biology, vol. 25, no. 8, pp. 2530-2543

    Contributions to Journals: Articles

  • Critical review of the impacts of grazing intensity on soil organic carbon storage and other soil quality indicators in extensively managed grasslands

    Abdalla, M., Hastings, A., Chadwick, D. R., Jones, D. L., Evans, C. D., Jones, M. B., Rees, R. M., Smith, P.

    Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment, vol. 253, pp. 62-81

    Contributions to Journals: Articles

  • Projecting soil under future climate and land use scenarios (Modelling)

    Dondini, M., Abdalla, M., Aini, F. K., Albanito, F., Beckert, M. R., Begum, K., Brand, A., Cheng, K., Comeau, L., Jones, E. O., Farmer, J. A., Feliciano, D. M., Fitton, N., Hastings, A., Henner, D. N., Kuhnert, M., Nayak, D. R., Oyesikublakemore, J., Phillips, L., Richards, M. I., Tumwesige, V., van Dijk, W. F., Vetter, S. H., Coleman, K., Smith, J., Smith, P.

    Soil Carbon Storage. Singh, B. K. (ed.). Academic Press, pp. 281-309, 29 pages

    Chapters in Books, Reports and Conference Proceedings: Chapters (Peer-Reviewed)

  • Glastir Monitoring Evaluation Programme. Final report

    Emmett, B., Abdalla, M., Anthony, S., Astbury, S., August, T., Barrett, G., Beckmann, B., Biggs, J., Botham, M., Bradley, D., Brown, M., Burden, A., Carter, H., Chadwick, D., Cigna, F., Collier, R., Cooper, D., Cooper, J., Cosby, B., Creer, S., Cross, P., Dadam, D., Edwards, F., Edwards, M., Evans, C., Ewald, N., Fitton, A., Garbutt, A., Giampieri, C., Gooday, R., Grebby, S., Greene, S., Halfpenney, I., Hall, J., Harrison, S., Harrower, C., Henrys, P., Hobson, R., Hughes, P., Hughes, S., Illian, J., Isaac, N., Jackson, B., Jarvis, S., Jones, D., Jones, P., Keith, A., Kelly, M., Kneebone, N., Korenko, J., Lallias, D., Leaver, D., Robinson, I., Malcolm, H., Maskell, L., McDonald, J., Moxley, J., Norton, L., O'Hare, M., Oliver, T., Owen, A., Parkhill, K., Pereira, M., Peyton, J., Pogson, M., Powney, G., Pritchard, N., Prochorskaite, A., Prosser, M., Pywell, R., Rawlins, B., Reuland, O., Richards, M., Robinson, D., Rorke, S., Rowland, C., Roy, D., Scarlett, P., Scholefield, P., Scott, A., Scott, L., Scott, R., Sharps, K., Siriwardena, G., Smart, S., Smith, G., Smith, P., Stopps, J., Swetnam, R., Taft, H., Taylor, R., Tebbs, E., Thomas, A., Todd-Jones, C., Tordoff, G., Turner, G., Breda, J. V., Vincent, H., Wagner, M., Waters, E., Walker-Springett, K., Wallace, H., Watkins, J., Webb, G., White, J., Whitworth, E., Williams, B., Williams, P., Wood, C., Wright, S.

    Bangor, UK: NERC/Centre for Ecology Hydrology

    Books and Reports: Other Reports

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