Dr Mark Moseley
Dr Mark Moseley

Dr Mark Moseley


Research Fellow


Room 416, Zoology building, AB24 2TZ


My research focusses on understanding transmission of zoonotic pathogens at the human-wildlife-livestock interface and how ecological and environmental change might influence zoonotic disease risk. Most of my work is undertaken in Africa and involves the study of bacterial pathogens that are difficult to culture, requiring the development of novel approaches for detection and typing of infections in human clinical cases and reservoir hosts. By taking a multidisciplinary One Health approach, which involves working with medical and veterinary clinicians, public health officials and ecologists, I aim inform public health interventions to reduce zoonotic disease burden and improve livestock productivity.

My interest the relationship between human, wildlife and livestock health arose while working as a large animal veterinary surgeon in South Africa and the UK. While in practice I completed a MPhil in Wildlife Management with my research focussed on louping-ill virus transmission between sheep and red grouse before completing a PhD in the diversity and ecology of Leptospira in reservoir hosts in Madagascar. I am currently funded by the Wellcome Trust to develop approaches for identifying the animal sources of human leptospirosis infections in Madagascar and South Africa.


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