SBF Libraries

McCafferty Library (University of Cambridge)

The facility houses a high quality and very well characterised human naïve library of more than 1010 human antibodies generated by John McCafferty (inventor of Phage Display and founder of CAT) and his colleagues in Cambridge and the Sanger Centre. This library has already been used to select, screen and sequence around 38,000 recombinant antibodies against almost 300 antigens, both prokaryotic and mammalian in origin, among which 7,200 are unique clones. Some of these clones are now progressing towards clinical studies. This antibody library serves as an ideal screening platform for generating highly specific monoclonal antibodies with remarkable target recognition properties against defined antigenic conformations and epitopes.

Immunised libraries

A number of immunised libraries (each 1 x 109+ clones) appropriate for selecting therapeutic, diagnostic and imaging antibodies for a range of infectious and other diseases are available for screening.

In addition, bespoke antibody libraries from immunised sources including shark, sheep, chicken, mouse, rabbit and goat are also constructed depending on specific project requirements.

MRC Libraries

These libraries are sourced from the MRC Centre for Protein Engineering and available for screening within the facility.

  • Semi-synthetic scFv Phage Display library (Tomlinson I): size – 1.47 x 108
  • Semi-synthetic scFv Phage Display library (Tomlinson J): size – 1.37 x 108
  • Domain antibody library: size – 3 x 109

Peptide Libraries

Commercially available peptide phage display libraries purchased from New England Biolabs Inc. for research use.

  • Phage Display peptide library (Ph.D.-7): size - >2 x 109
  • Phage Display peptide library (Ph.D.-12): size - >2 x 109