Professor John Beattie
Professor John Beattie

Professor John Beattie

B.A., Ph.D.

Research Fellow


Rowett institute of Nutrition and Health

University of Aberdeen

Greenburn Road, Bucksburn

Aberdeen AB21 9SB

United Kingdom



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  • Zinc status alters Alzheimer's disease progression through NLRP3-dependent inflammation

    Rivers-Auty, J., Tapia, V. S., White, C. S., Daniels, M. J., Drinkall, S., Kennedy, P. T., Spence, H. G., Yu, S., Green, J. P., Hoyle, C., Cook, J., Bradley, A., Mather, A. E., Peters, R., Tzeng, T., Gordon, M. J., Beattie, J. H., Brough, D., Lawrence, C. B.
    Journal of Neuroscience, vol. 41, no. 13, pp. 3025-3038
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Acute dietary zinc deficiency in rats exacerbates myocardial ischaemia/reperfusion injury through depletion of glutathione

    Skene, K., Walsh, S. K., Okafor, O., Godsman, N., Barrows, C., Meier, P., Gordon, M. J., Beattie, J. H., Wainwright, C. L.
    British Journal of Nutrition, vol. 121, no. 9, pp. 961-973
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Zinc transporters and dysregulated channels in cancers

    Pan, Z., Choi, S., Ouadid-Ahidouch, H., Yang, J., Beattie, J. H., Korichneva, I.
    Frontiers in Bioscience, vol. 22, pp. 623-643
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Low zinc and selenium concentrations in sepsis are associated with oxidative damage and inflammation

    Mertens, K., Lowes, D. A., Webster, N. R., Talib, J., Hall, L., Davies, M. J., Beattie, J. H., Galley, H. F.
    British Journal of Anaesthesia, vol. 114, no. 6, pp. 990-999
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  • Nutritional B vitamin deficiency alters the expression of key proteins associated with vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and migration in the aorta of atherosclerotic apolipoprotein E null mice

    Duthie, S. J., Beattie, J. H., Gordon, M., Pirie, L. P., Nicol, F., Reid, M. D., Duncan, G. J., Cantlay, L., Horgan, G., McNeil, C. J.
    Genes & Nutrition, vol. 10, no. 1, 446
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  • Imaging of trace elements in tissues: with a focus on laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry

    Urgast, D. S., Beattie, J. H., Feldmann, J.
    Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care, vol. 17, no. 5, pp. 431-439
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  • Plasma zinc's alter ego is a low-molecular-weight humoral factor

    Ou, O., Allen-Redpath, K., Urgast, D., Gordon, M., Campbell, G., Feldmann, J., Nixon, G. F., Mayer, C., Kwun, I., Beattie, J. H.
    The FASEB Journal, vol. 27, no. 9, pp. 3672-3682
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  • Marginal dietary zinc deficiency in vivo induces vascular smooth muscle cell apoptosis in large arteries

    Allen-Redpath, K., Ou, O., Beattie, J. H., Kwun, I., Feldmann, J., Nixon, G. F.
    Cardiovascular Research, vol. 99, no. 3, pp. 525–534
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  • Long-term zinc deprivation accelerates rat vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation involving the down-regulation of JNK1/2 expression in MAPK signaling

    Alcantara, E. H., Shin, M. Y., Feldmann, J., Nixon, G. F., Beattie, J. H., Kwun, I. S.
    Atherosclerosis, vol. 228, no. 1, pp. 46-52
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Zinc isotope ratio imaging of rat brain thin sections from stable isotope tracer studies by LA-MC-ICP-MS

    Urgast, D. S., Hill, S., Kwun, I., Beattie, J. H., Goenaga-Infante, H., Feldmann, J.
    Metallomics, vol. 4, no. 10, pp. 1057-1063
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
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