The Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics is one of the leading mathematical research establishments in the UK.  It brings together two of our leading research groups in a new Institute with the primary aim of coordinating research in mathematics across the University. In addition this has allowed the streamlining of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in mathematics, the development of a new degree in Applied Mathematics to complement those in Physics and Mathematics, and the coordination of an applied mathematics seminar series.

Our vision for Mathematics is to build on our strength as a leading centre in Representation Theory, Topology, Theory of Dynamical Systems, and Mathematical Modelling. The Applied Mathematics group will fulfil its ambition by actively and sustainably creating and developing research ideas, collaborating with other scientists across the breadth of academic disciplines, professionals, business and other end users.

Prior to the establishment of IPAM,  Pure Mathematics was ranked number eight in the UK in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise. The Institute for Complex Systems and Mathematical Biology (ICSMB) was founded in 2009 and forms the applied section of IPAM. It has as its unifying intellectual theme the study of complex dynamics and its applications. 

Every member of IPAM is active in research. For more detail browse our Research pages.