The Institute of Mathematics in Aberdeen boast a variety of research topics in pure mathematics and is linked to the Institute for Complex Systems and Mathematical Biology. For more detail on research in Pure Mathematics, see the links below to individual staff pages.

The Mathematics department offers a number of funded and unfunded research studentships every year. Potential candidates are encouraged to contact the Director of Postgraduate Study for more detail.


Prof David Benson Algebra/Representation Theory
Dr Jean-Baptiste Gramain Representation Theory
Dr Ellen Henke Group Theory
Dr Justin Lynd Group  Theory
Prof Ben Martin Algebra
Dr William Turner Representation Theory
Dr Trevor Welsh Representation Theory
Algebraic Geometry/ Mathematical Physics  
Prof Vassili Gorbunov Algebraic Geometry/Mathematical Physics
Dr Alexey Sevastyanov Algebra/Mathematical Physics
Functional Analysis  
Dr Gábor Szabó C*-algebras
Dr Aaron Tikuisis C*-algebras
Geometry/ Topology  
Dr Mark Grant Topological Robotics
Dr Richard Hepworth Algebraic Topology
Prof Jarek Kędra Geometry and Topology
Prof Ran Levi Algebraic Topology
Dr Assaf Libman Algebraic Topology
Tropical Geometry  
Dr Zur Izhakian Tropical Geometry