The researchers

The researchers

Post-doctoral researchers

Dr Shan Wang (BBSRC) ( (biotransformation of bacterial pyrrolizidine alkaloids)

Dr Kirstie Rickaby (BBSRC) ( (biotransformation of bacterial carbazole alkaloids)

Dr Yingli Gao (NSFC oversea) ( (natural product discovery in bacterial pathogens)

Dr Ming Him Tong ( (natural product total synthesis)


PhD researchers

Qing Fang ( (natural product discovery in novel terrestrial bacteria, Elphinstone scholarship)

Fleurdeliz Maglangit ( (natural product discovery in novel terrestrial bacteria, University of Philippine funded)

Ane Valera (BBSRC) ( (biotransformation and synthetic biology enabling the synthesis of industrially relevant chemicals)

Senyu Zheng ( (antibacterial peptide synthesis)

Nadege You ( (green and supramolecular chemistry, The Leverhulme Trust funded)

Saad Alrashdi ( (biotransformation and green chemistry enabling the synthesis of bioactive alkaloids, Saudi Cultural Bureau funded)

Federica Casolari ( (biotransformation and synthetic biology enabling a high throughput screening methodology, IBIOIC funded)



Professor Bin Wang (South China University of Science and Technology)

Professor Xian Chen (Fuzhou University)

Professor Zhiwei Qing (Beijing Normal University)

Dr Xiaoling Wang

Dr Linrui Wu (Wuhan University)

Mr Zhou Lu (Guangdong Institute of Microbiology, Guangdong Academy of Sciences)

Dr Michael Simpson (TauRx, Aberdeen)

Dr Celia Meneses

Prof. Mostafa Hamed Abdelrahaman

Dr Sarah Nicoll (TauRx, Aberdeen)

Dr Simona Frau

Dr Jamie Kerr

Dr Ada Nneoyi-Egbe

Dr Christian Umeobika

Dr Richard Cheyne

Dr Kirstie A. Rickaby

Dr Cristina-Nicoleta Alexandru-Crivac

Dr Luca Dalponte

Dr Mohannad Idress