Intellectual Property and Technology Law

Intellectual Property and Technology Law

Together they cover a wide area of research interests at national, regional and international levels: 

  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Confidential Information Protection
  • Copyright
  • Design Rights
  • Law against Passing off
  • Patents
  • Plant Variety Protection
  • Trade Mark Rights
  • Trade Secrets Protection
  • and the intersection of Intellectual property rights with other legal fields (competition, human rights,  world trade, development, climate change)
  • Intangible Cultural Property
  • Dispute Resolution and remedies
  • Personality Rights
  • Regulatory theory for the protection and dissemination of technology, creativity and innovation
  • Digital innovation and cryptocurrencies
  • Encouragement of innovation beyond intellectual property rights
  • Innovation and liability beyond intellectual property rights
  • Cybersecurity 

We also conduct interdisciplinary teaching with colleagues in Museums, GeoScience and the Business School.  

This group’s research is linked closely with its delivery of research led teaching on the

Intellectual Property and Technology related courses also form part of other LLM degrees offered by the School

This group is eager to support innovative PhD research projects in any of these areas. Please be comfortable to contact any member of the Group if you are considering the start of your adventure towards a career in research.