The Software download service allows you to download and install some of the software packages for which IT Services holds a site licence onto your personal PC.

For more information, including a list of the software available, and to access the service, go to - you will be required to login with your University username and password.


This page provides guidance on available software for both University managed devices and for personal devices.

University managed device is any Windows or Mac device owned by the University of Aberdeen that you use in the course of your work. This could be a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet device. All University managed devices have an ‘asset tag’ affixed to them stating the device’s unique ID.

personal device is a device owned by you, for example a home laptop.

Some of the software packages offered for download have licences that permit them to be used only by certain groups of users. For example, some may allow use only on PCs/laptops owned by the University; others might allow home use by staff but not by students. Always check the license terms for each package to see if you are eligible to use it.

To quickly check which packages you are permitted to download, go to and login as required. Once logged into the service, click on the catalogue link at the top right of the screen. The resulting page indicates which category of user can download or view the items contained in any application folder.