OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business

What is OneDrive for Business and what can I use it for?

OneDrive for Business is an integral part of Microsoft 365 and provides cloud-based file storage for your course-related files*. You can save, edit, share, and sync your files from any device with an internet connection and collaborate on documents with other students and staff.

If you want or need to work on essential documents off campus, you can copy them from your H Drive to OneDrive for Business. See our Toolkit guide Copying files from H Drive to OneDrive for Business

Is ‘OneDrive for Business’ the same as ‘OneDrive’?

No. OneDrive for Business and OneDrive are different services.

  • OneDrive for Business is online storage intended for University purposes. It allows you to share and collaborate on documents with your fellow students.
  • OneDrive is personal online storage that you get with a personal Microsoft account. You’re free to decide how you want to use it but you cannot link to it from your OneDrive for Business account.
  • It is not possible to share files between OneDrive for Business and OneDrive accounts. However, when you leave the University, you can move your files from OneDrive for Business to a personal OneDrive account. See What happens to my data when I leave the University? below for guidance.

Is OneDrive for Business available for students and staff?

OneDrive for Business is available for both students and staff via Microsoft 365. 

How do I access OneDrive for Business?

Sign in at with your University – e.g. – and password.

  • If you’re working on a classroom PC, use the OneDrive Web Link desktop shortcut.

Or login to your University email account and launch OneDrive from the app launcher.

How do I use OneDrive for Business?

You can create and edit files from directly within OneDrive for Business – login as above.

Once logged in, you can also drag and drop files from your computer or H Drive to OneDrive for Business.

For guidance on getting started, see Microsoft's support site - look under the Work or school heading.

What happens if I delete a file?

Deleted files go to the Recycle Bin but can be restored from here at any time within a 90-day period. After 90 days they are deleted permanently.

What happens to my data when I leave the University?

Your OneDrive for Business account, and any files stored there, is deleted when you leave the University.

If you don’t want to lose everything, you can move your files to a personal OneDrive account before you leave the University. Find out how to do this on Microsoft's OneDrive support pages.


*OneDrive for Business is a cloud storage service. Files stored on OneDrive for Business are stored within Microsoft’s data centres located in the EU, not at the University of Aberdeen.