Health Sciences Building

Health Sciences Building

The Health Sciences Building houses the purpose built Clinical Research Facility (CRF) which aims to provide a high quality clinical environment in which participants can take part in research programmes safely according to robust, ethically approved study protocols. The building opened in August 2006.

The Health Sciences Building is home to researchers from the Institute of Applied Health Sciences pursue an agenda of excellence in relation to the epidemiology (mechanisms) of common diseases, their management and designing and evaluation of health services for delivering care. The building hosts the Health Services Research Unit, Academic Urology Unit, Health Psychology and the Epidemiology Group (part of the Aberdeen Centre for Arthritis and musculoskeletal Health).

Also within The Health Sciences Building, the Imaging Department boasts state-of-the-art equipment, suitable for a variety of uses. There are two, highly qualified research radiographers trained in all modalities and the facilities are capable of up-to-the-minute imaging techniques used in orthopaedic research studies, direct digital diagnostic radiography and Lumbar Vertebral Assessment, to name a few.

Disability Information

The DisabledGo service provides a pan-disability access guide to this building.