Find out what our undergraduate students have to say:

"To say that my time at University of Aberdeen was a life-changing experience would be an understatement. The university proved to be not only a gateway to Scotland’s excellent academic traditions, but to the rest of the world as well. Be it through friendships with fellow foreign students or attending foreign language courses as part of the curriculum, or the opportunities for exchanges abroad, or even the especially dedicated institutions on campus like Confucius institute, my academic and social life were truly enriched by the microcosm of the world that University of Aberdeen has turned into. By attending university in such an environment I did not only acquire theoretical knowledge about the world, but I also developed the soft skills required to successfully work and learn from others from different backgrounds.  

In the current times, students of Politics and International Relations at University of Aberdeen would be well-suited to grapple and understand the far-reaching consequences of complex political phenomena like Brexit or Scottish independence, as well as of profound economic changes like the rise of renewables, which are bound to continue shaping world for generations to come.  Last, but not least, the number of activities and events related to these topics organized on campus could also positively enhance students’ academic performance. The University of Aberdeen is the right place for those of you who want to be learning in the classroom as much as outside of it."

- Hristian Ivanov, Politics and International Relations graduate, 2017 (First class honours)

"The university slogan ‘come here, go anywhere’ might seem like nothing else but a cheesy slogan, but is in fact extremely accurate. Moving here from another country to study, I did not only receive an amazing education but a truly international experience with lecturers from all around the world and fellow students with a whole range of cultural backgrounds. The fact that I was able to go to Canada on exchange in my third year of study was amazing, and shows the many opportunities the university offers. Furthermore, the combination of politics and sociology is a useful one since the two complement each other well and will give you a comprehensive understanding of social sciences. I enjoyed my undergraduate degree here so much that I now will continue with a PhD at the university in political sociology. "

- Viktoria Eriksson, Politics-Sociology graduate, 2017 (First class honours)