Early Patient Contact

Early Patient Contact

Early patient contact is an extremely important feature of our teaching programme, particularly in the early years of the curriculum. Before our students go out into the clinical environment, we provide  a safe and controlled environment in which our students can learn and practise their newly acquired skills.

Clinical Examination

Our students use peer clinical examination and also our bank of patient partners practise their clinical examination skills in a safe, non-threatening environment where they can gain confidence, competence in examination and benefit from the experience of being the patient. 


Patient Partners also learn various health related scenarios to provide students with opportunities to practice and develop their communication skills in the setting of our Clinical Skills Centre. Students can expect to work with simulated patients from the outset.

Our simulated patient partners work alongside tutors in a supportive environment to provide individual feedback to each student from a patient’s perspective. Tutors focus their feedback on the application of each student’s medical knowledge and skills which includes the patient perspective. Our aim is to equip our graduates with the skills to become competent patient centred doctors.