Our Erasmus exchange partners and course details (including the language of instruction) are listed below. It is also possible to do an Erasmus exchange at a University that is not listed as a partner for Psychology but that we do have a partnership with in another department. If you would like to complete such an exchange, please note that it is your responsibility to contact the Erasmus Coordinator at that University and make the necessary enquiries and arrangements.


  • Exchange is only possible in Year 2 of study due to BPS accreditation requirements.
  • The academic threshold (starting in fall of 2017) is a 3.0 GPA (B2) with no D-level marks.

Course selection while abroad:

  • Unless you are fluent in the language of the host country, you will need to take courses taught in English. Please check the universities’ webpages for more up-to-date information or get in touch with Erasmus coordinator at that University. (Please note that the university service culture can be quite different at other institutions. Be aware that you might not receive the same degree of responsiveness and accommodation to your needs that you would receive at Aberdeen.)
  • You must be able to take a Research Methods or Statistics course during Semester 2. Ideally, this course should be taught in English.

You can also arrange an exchange at institutions that we have University-wide partnerships with.

For additional information about the Erasmus Exchange application process, contact the Study Abroad office. For questions about your program of study during exchange, contact the Erasmus coordinator in Psychology, Dr. Joost Rommers.


University of Osnabrück


Leiden University


University of Bergen


Jagiellonian University


Universidad del Pais Vasco