People and their Roles 

In 2019-21 the Centre’s Director is Profesor Roy Partain and its Associate Director is Dr Burcu Yüksel Ripley.  Leadership operates on a rotational basis providing opportunities for new perspective and career development.  

Professor Roy Partain, Director 2019-21

Roy’s research explores the nexus between commercial law and sustainable development, including the liability issues arising from emergent and innovative technologies. His research focuses on sustainable corporate governance; the potential to regulate and incentivize sustainable behaviors from corporate and private actors. His research methodology draws on tools from microeconomics, law and economics, game theory, algorithmic social choice theory, and comparative law.  He has advised and worked on research projects underwritten by ministries and research institutions in East Asia.

Dr Burcu Yüksel Ripley, Associate Director 2019-21

Burcu’s research explores international trade finance, international commercial law, international payments, international commercial litigation and arbitration, and extends to digital/virtual/cryptocurrencies, distributed ledger technology and blockchain. She has been involved in internationally collaborated research projects and appointed by courts in the UK and Turkey to give expert opinion evidence. Burcu is also the Programme Coordinator for LLM programmes in International Trade Law (on-campus and online) at the University of Aberdeen.

Professor Abbe E. L. Brown, Previous Director 2018-19

Abbe’s research interests are the laws relating to innovation and creativity and how they intersect with other laws relevant to addressing key societal challenges.  Present projects include IP and climate change, and IP, disability and identity. Abbe’s research has been funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Wellcome Trust the British Academy and the Carnegie Trust. Abbe is a member of the Technology Committee of the Law Society of Scotland and the Scottish Government Online Identity Assurance Expert Group. She is @IGFTowardAccess.   

Dr Titilayo Adebola

Titi’s research explores International Economic Law, particularly Intellectual Property Rights around food and agriculture, through empirical, doctrinal, historical and theoretical analysis. Her interdisciplinary research investigates the cultural, economic, philosophical, political and social complexities that shape intellectual property rights around food and agriculture at the local, national, regional and international levels. She has participating in meetings at the Food and Agriculture Organisation and has an active social media present @FloraIP.   

Dr Gloria Alvarez

Gloria’s research explores international arbitration in the energy sector, engaging with international commercial law, international investment law, EU law and renewable energy. Her current research agenda focuses on arbitration and justice, legal theory of investment arbitration, renewable energy, international investment law, international arbitration and ADR practices to resolve energy disputes. Gloria is General Manager of the European Federation for Investment Law and Arbitration

Mr Derek Auchie

Derek’s research is based around process (court, tribunal, arbitration and mediation) and statutory interpretation. He has been appointed as arbitrator and mediator.  From an adjudication perspective, he is a part time tribunal chair on the Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland and the Health and Education Chamber of the First Tier Tribunal for Scotland. He is an In-House Convener with the latter body, and in that capacity organises and delivers judicial training, advises on policy and practice issues and assists Tribunal judges with difficult cases. Derek has chaired hearings in over 300 cases. Derek is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (C(Arb), and a CIArb Faculty Member.

Mr Malcolm Combe

Malcolm’s research explores private regulation of land use and policy orientated land reform.   He is on the editorial board of the Judicial Review and a trustee of the Clinical Legal Education Organisation.  His research has been funded by the Carnegie Trust.  He coordinates the University of Aberdeen Law School Blog and @aberdeenunilaw.

Dr Irène Couzigou 

Dr Couzigou joined the University of Aberdeen in 2009 where she holds the position of a senior lecturer. She was awarded an LLM and a PhD by the University Panthéon-Assas (Paris 2). Her current research relates to the emerging international cyber security law. Dr Irene Couzigou has also published extensively in the fields of the use of force, the law of international organisations, international human rights law, and French constitutional law. She is a member of the interdisciplinary Cyberterrorism Project.

Dr Jonathan Fitchen

Jonathan’s research explores competition law, product liability, the implications of Brexit, enforcement of judgments under the Brussels Regulation, and authentic instruments and succession. His research has been funded by the EU.

Dr Greg Gordon

Greg’s research explores commercial contracting, and tortious/delictual liability with a particular interest in the energy sector. He is the General Editor of the Stair Memorial Encyclopedia. He maintains research interests in legal ethics.

Dr Alisdair MacPherson

Alisdair’s research interests explore insolvency law, company law and commercial law, with a particular interest in rights in security. Alisdair is a member of the Scottish Law Commission's Moveable Transactions Advisory Group. He has close links with the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law in Hamburg.

Ms Donna McKenzie-Skene

Donna’s research explores insolvency law at domestic, comparative and international level. Donna is a member of the Scottish Technical Committee of the Association of Business Recovery Professionals.

Dr Catherine W Ng

Catherine’s research interests are in the laws relating to intellectual property, personality rights, the media, marketing, advertising, and merchandising, the arts, history, and cultural heritage.  Her research has been funded by the Carnegie Trust. 

Professor John Paterson

John’s research explores the regulation of risk, governance in the EU and corporate governance. His research explores systems theory and its application to law and governance issues. He is the series editor (together with Professor Julian Webb) of the Law, Science and Society series published by Routledge-Cavendish.

Professor Tina Soliman Hunter

Tina’s research explores Arctic petroleum law and governance, International investment protection in the energy sector, and resources law and policy, including land access. Tina has been a visiting scholar at the University of Bergen, University of Oslo's Norwegian Institute for Sjørett (NIFS), Murdoch University, Bond University and the University of Texas, Austin

Professor Margaret Ross

Margaret’s research in dispute resolution focusses on the nature of processes for dispute resolution and determination, their interaction with the procedures and jurisdiction of courts, and how they are perceived in terms of procedural justice.  Her work has covered:- the in-court mediation services piloted in Glasgow and Aberdeen Sheriff Courts (with Douglas Bain); attitudes of players in the Oil  and Gas industry to dispute resolution choice; processes for complaints against professional advisers; professional standards for mediators in Scotland; and training of tribunal members and chairs in Scotland.  She is a trained mediator, with experience in legal practice, courts and tribunals.

Dr Patricia Živković

Patricia's research explores international dispute resolution (with an emphasis on international commercial arbitration), private international law, data protection, commercial law, contract drafting and contract management, international sale of goods, the law of the European Union, and IT law. Patricia currently researches the enforceability of arbitration clauses in antitrust damages cases, and the regulation of biometric data. She also holds the position of an associate editor of the Kluwer Arbitration Blog.