The Institute for Conflict, Transition, and Peace Research (ICTPR) at the University of Aberdeen brings together a diverse and interdisciplinary group of scholars and students to develop in-depth theoretical understandings of the concepts and practices of transitions in terms of conflict and peace. By applying these insights to both the emergence and resolution of conflict, as well as the promotion or prevention of sustainable peace, the Institute provides a unique setting for learning and innovative research-based teaching for undergraduate and post-graduate students alike

Research Themes

  • Critical Approaches to Violence
  • Ethnonationalism and Violently Divided Societies
  • Gender in Conflict and Peace
  • International and Human Rights Law
  • Radicalization, Deradicalization, and Resistance
  • Security and the Role of International Organizations
  • Transitional Justice and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding
  • Victims, Refugees, and Displacement

Regions of Expertise

  • Central Asia
  • East Africa
  • North Africa and the Middle East
  • Northern Ireland
  • Russia and the CIS
  • Spain and the Basque Country
  • West Africa
  • Western Balkans


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