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  • Understanding the impacts of chronic pain on autistic adolescents and effective pain management: A reflexive thematic analysis adolescent-maternal dyadic study

    Jordan, A., Parchment, A., Gauntlett-Gilbert, J., Jones, A., Wainwright, E., Connell, H., Walden, J., Moore, D. J.

    Journal of Pediatric Psychology, vol. 49, no. 3

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  • Assessment of the Teratogenic Effect of Drugs on the Chicken Embryo

    Rosa Fraga, L., de Oliveira, M. R., Wermann, K. M., Vargesson, N.

    Teratogenicity Testing: Methods and Protocols. 2 edition. Springer, pp. 251-260, 10 pages

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  • Diagnostic Accuracy of HPV16 Early Antigen Serology For HPV-Driven Oropharyngeal Cancer is Independent of Age and Sex

    Kusters, J. M., Diergaarde, B., Ness, A. R., van der Loef, M. F. S., Heijne, J. C., Schroeder, L., Hueniken, K., Mckay, J. D., Macfarlane, G., Lagiou, P., Lagiou, A., Polesel, J., Agudo, A., Alemany, L., Ahrens, W., Healy, C. M., Conway, D. I., Robinson, M., Canova, C., Holcátová, I., Richiardi, L., Znaor, A., Pring, M., Thomas, S., Hayes, N., Liu, G., Hung, R. J., Brennan, P., Olshan, A. F., Virani, S., Waterboer, T.

    International Journal of Cancer, vol. 154, no. 2, pp. 289-402

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  • ‘Moving to the countryside and staying’?: Exploring doctors migration choices to remote and rural areas

    Maclaren, A., Locock, L., Skea, Z., Cleland, J., Denison, A., Hollick, R., Murchie, P., Skatun, D., Watson, V., Wilson, P.

    Journal of Rural Studies

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  • Femoral Neck Width Genetic Risk Score is A Novel Independent Risk Factor for Hip Fractures

    Tobias, J. H., Nethander, M., Faber, B. G., Heppenstall, S. V., Ebsim, R., Cootes, T., Lindner, C., Saunders, F., Gregory, J., Aspden, R. M., Harvey, N. C., Kemp, J. P., Frysz, M., Ohlsson, C.

    Journal of Bone and Mineral Research

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  • Follow-Up of Patients With Axial Spondyloarthritis in Specialist Health Care With Remote Monitoring and Self-Monitoring Compared With Regular Face-to-Face Follow-Up Visits (the ReMonit Study): Protocol for a Randomized, Controlled Open-Label Noninferiority Trial

    Berg, I. J., Tveter, A. T., Bakland, G., Hakim, S., Kristianslund, E. K., Lillegraven, S., Macfarlane, G. J., Moholt, E., Provan, S. A., Sexton, J., Thomassen, E. E., De Thurah, A., Gossec, L., Haavardsholm, E. A., Østerås, N.

    JMIR Research Protocols, vol. 12, no. 1, e52872

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  • Patient engagement in designing, conducting, and disseminating clinical pain research: IMMPACT recommended considerations

    Haroutounian, S., Holzer, K. J., Kerns, R. D., Veasley, C., Dworkin, R. H., Turk, D. C., Carman, K. L., Chambers, C. T., Cowan, P., Edwards, R. R., Eisenach, J. C., Farrar, J. T., Ferguson, M., Forsythe, L. P., Freeman, R., Gewandter, J. S., Gilron, I., Goertz, C., Grol-Prokopczyk, H., Iyengar, S., Jordan, I., Kamp, C., Kleykamp, B. A., Knowles, R. L., Langford, D. J., Mackey, S., Malamut, R., Markman, J., Martin, K. R., McNicol, E., Patel, K. V., Rice, A. S. C., Rowbotham, M., Sandbrink, F., Simon, L. S., Steiner, D. J., Vollert, J.


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  • Do current methods of measuring the impact of chronic pain on work reflect the experience of working-age adults?: An integrated mixed methods systematic narrative review

    Stagg, A. L., Madan, I., Fear, N. S., Stevens, M., Wainwright, E., Hoving, J. L., Macfarlane, G., Hollick, R., Morton, L.


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  • Self-reported pain treatment practices among U.S. and Canadian adults: Findings from a population survey

    Zajacova, A., Filho, A. P., Limani, M., Grol-Prokopczyk, H., Zimmer, Z., Scherbakov, D., Fillingim, R. B., Hayward, M. D., Gilron, I., Macfarlane, G., Epidemiology Group

    Innovation in aging, vol. 7, no. 10, igad103

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