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I am a student from the EU and have applied to the University for 2016 entry. How does this affect my tuition fees?

The full impact of the UK’s decision to leave the EU will not be realised for some time but with regard to your fee status at the University of Aberdeen – we guarantee there will be no change.

As a current applicant, you will continue to qualify for funding to cover the costs of your tuition and, should the government decide to change this commitment in the future, the University will cover the cost of your tuition to allow you to complete your Degree. You are already a valued member of the University of Aberdeen family. We are committed to taking care of you and delivering the world class student experience that you will receive at Aberdeen.

I have not yet applied to the University but was planning to do so for September 2017 entry. How does this affect me?

We are an institution with a global outlook and reach. Throughout the transition period the University of Aberdeen will work with Government and stakeholders across the UK and European higher education sectors to make sure our voice is heard in discussions that will help protect our many links with the EU.

Our EU and international students are important to us and we are here to answer your questions. We will be delighted to receive an application from you now or in the future.


Tuition fees for EU undergraduates starting in 2017

The Scottish Government has confirmed free tuition in Scotland for EU students enrolling in the 2017 academic year. Students will be admitted as Scottish/EU fee status students, will retain that status for the duration of their studies, and are eligible for tuition fee support from the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS).

Please visit the SAAS website for more information:


Undergraduate applications

If you have not yet applied, and intend to do so for September 2017 entry, the application procedure is via UCAS (www.ucas.com) and the closing date is 15 January 2017.


Postgraduate applications

If you have not yet applied, and intend to do so for September 2017 entry, apply via our postgraduate web pages.


International students

I am an international applicant from outside the EU. How does this affect me? 

Scotland is a very inclusive and welcoming place for people from all over the world. The University of Aberdeen represents this in its daily life. We are a multicultural institution, with a multicultural population of both staff and students. We value this and believe it contributes to our ability to deliver world class education. Our Principal, Professor Sir Ian Diamond, sent personal messages to every one of our European students and staff to reassure them of the University’s commitment to Europe and the wider world.

These pages will be updated as more information becomes available.

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