Ombea Response

The University's online polling system

*Please note this resource is aimed at staff*

OMBEA Response is the University’s online polling system. With OMBEA Response students can use their own portable / hand-held devices (phones, tablets, laptops etc.) to interact in class or remotely in pre-determined time periods. Students can read the questions on their own devices as well as on the main lecture theatre display and select only options which are available for each particular question.

The system can be made anonymous and, with a suitably designed question included, enable a class register to be taken for attendance if required. Detailed analysis of responses is available for the tutor both during and following the session which can be made available to students, or kept hidden.

The OMBEA Response plug-in is available for PowerPoint from the University Software Center on University PCs. Once you have downloaded the software email Media Services to be able to use OMBEA on classroom enabled PCs.

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Last updated on 16 August 2023