Copyright Conditions


Reading Room staff will be happy to answer any queries relating to copying. Please note though, that some older or fragile materials may require specialist copying, or may even indeed be too fragile to copy. Suitability will be assessed on an individual basis.

All requests must comply with the following current copyright and data protection restrictions:

  • that you have not previously been supplied with a copy of the same material by ourselves or any other librarian.
  • that you will not use the copy except for research for a non-commercial purpose or private study and will not supply a copy of it to any other person.
  • that to the best of your knowledge, no other person with whom you work or study has made, or intends to make, at about the same time, a request, for substantially the same material for substantially the same purpose.
  • that if the copy is delivered by an electronic method, you will retain only a single paper copy and destroy any electronic copies after printing.

NB. If the declaration is false in any material particular the copy supplied by us to you will be an infringing copy and that you will be liable for infringement of copyright as if you had made it yourself.

Terms and Conditions

Copying of text and images for personal use only

You may download single images or short sections of text to your workstation and store them, and you may make one hard copy of each without payment or further permission, provided this is done for purposes of private study only. You may not download (except temporary web-browser cache copies), print or otherwise copy more than 20 images or short extracts from text pages.

You may display a single personal copy for purposes of an academic lecture or seminar, provided that no further duplication occurs or is allowed to occur.

You must include with each image or text a copyright notice and acknowledgement to: University of Aberdeen.

You may not duplicate the image or text in any medium for another person or institution.

You may incorporate the URL for an image, but not the image itself, in a personal hypertext document. The image files must always be downloaded direct from the University server.

Publication and other uses of University images 

If you would like to reproduce an image in electronic or any other form, including for any of the uses listed below, you must obtain the specific written permission of the University of Aberdeen in advance, see here for further details. Please also see our full Terms & Conditions.

  • Publication in any form of hard copy (including book, periodical, partwork, merchandise).
  • Use in television, film or video.
  • Publication in any electronic form of an image, whether modified or not.
  • Duplication of an image in any networked or public site, or in any "virtual library" (but you may incorporate the URL for an image, though not the image itself, in your personal hypertext).
  • Public display in any form of electronic or hard copy (except for a single copy for use in an academic lecture or seminar).
  • The production of multiple copies by any means for use in any teaching pack.

In the case of images of recent materials where a copyright still exists separate from the University's rights, the written consent of the copyright owner as well as the University will be required. Though we cannot undertake to advise on the ownership of copyright in any particular case, we will give what assistance we can to users who need to secure such consents.

For further information and all enquiries, please contact:

Reproduction of images Terms and Conditions
A.On permission being granted, the University of Aberdeen ("the University") agrees to grant a non-exclusive licence for the territory specified, to the person or company named as the licensee ("the Licensee") to do the following:
  1. to record and store the photographic images described overleaf ("the Licensed Images") in digital electronic form; and/or (as stated on the application approval)
  2. to reproduce the Licensed Images on the product described ("the Licensed Product") until expiry of the term (where specified) ("the Term"); and/or
  3. where appropriate, to transmit the Licensed Images (whether via the Licensed Product or otherwise) on the network or Internet site specified ("the Licensed Network") until expiry of the Term.

B. This licence is granted subject to the following conditions:

  1. Direct scanning of an original may be done only by the University's Special Collections or its authorised agents. When the source of the image is a photographic transparency or print supplied either directly or indirectly by the University, the Licensee is authorised to scan it at whatever resolution deemed appropriate for its publication.
  2. The Licensee will take all reasonable steps to design the Licensed Product and/or the service offered via the Licensed Network so that the Licensed Images cannot be copied or otherwise extracted in the normal course of use except by printing out pages for personal use.
  3. The Licensed Product and/or the service offered via the Licensed Network will bear a strongly worded copyright notice on any packaging, storage medium, accompanying documentation, initial entry screens and any other entry screens associated with the Licensed Images. The notice will explain in clear language that the Licensed Images and the contents generally are protected by copyright laws and that the following acts in relation to the Licensed Images are prohibited unless specifically authorised by the University and any relevant copyright owner:
    (a) public performance, public display or broadcast, including transmission via a network other than the Licensed Network;
    (b) the preparation of any derivative work, including the extraction, in whole or in part, of any of the Licensed Images;
    (c) any rental, lease, lending or hire. The notice will also acknowledge the ownership of copyright in any materials depicted in the Licensed Images in accordance with (4) and in the Licensed Images as photographed by the University in accordance with (5).
  4. The Licensee will be responsible for obtaining any necessary consent to its use of the Licensed Images from the owner (which owner may not be the University of Aberdeen) of any copyright, rights in the nature of copyright or other intellectual property rights in the materials depicted in the Licensed Images, other than the University's own rights in the images themselves as asserted in (5), and will indemnify the University against any claim which may be made against it should the Licensee fail to obtain such consent or fail to abide by the terms of such consent
  5. All copyright, rights in the nature of copyright, Publication Right and all other intellectual property rights worldwide in the Licensed Images as photographed by the University or its authorised agents are reserved to the University. Each of the Licensed Images will contain or be accompanied by a credit to read: © University of Aberdeen. Such credit will appear within or next to each of the Licensed Images as they appear on screen or on the Licenced Product. For Internet access, a link to a full copyright notice (the terms of which must be approved by the University before permission is granted) must also appear with each image.
  6. Any correction of or alteration to any of the Licensed Images is subject to the approval of the University which must be obtained in advance of publication.
  7. Reproduction rights are non-exclusive, and are granted for the Term. Any further renewal term will require a separate written permission from the University for which additional fees may be payable. A separate permission will also be required for any product other than the Licensed Product, for any service offered via a network other than the Licensed Network and for any revision, new edition or updating of the product or service licensed pursuant to these conditions.
  8. The Licensee will be responsible for ensuring that any manufacturer, distributor or provider of the Licensed Product and/or the Licensed Network and its services will be bound by these conditions.
  9. On publication of the Licensed Product, all digital copies of the Licensed Images, other than those on master disk to be used for further production runs permitted under (7), shall be destroyed. On making the Licensed Images available on the Licensed Network the Licensee will destroy any existing copies and make no further copies of the Licensed Images except those which are required for provision and maintenance of the Licensed Network and its services.
  10. This licence is personal to the Licensee and may not be assigned, transferred or sub-licensed without the prior written consent of the University.
  11. The Licensee will indemnify the University for any loss which it may suffer as a result of the Licensee's failure to observe and perform the conditions in this section and sections A above and C below.
  12. These conditions will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Scotland.

C. In consideration of this licence:

  1. The Licensee will pay the University the licence fee set out. The licence fee is payable within thirty days of receipt of the Licensed Images and does not include photographic charges which are payable in addition and which will be invoiced to the Licensee separately. VAT may be applicable.
  2. On publication of any Licensed Product, a copy of the whole work will be provided free of charge to the University with a licence allowing its use over the University network. On making the Licensed Images available on the Licensed Internet Site, the Licensee will grant to the University the right to access the Licensed Internet Site, should it wish to do so, free of charge for the Term.