The National Art Museum organised a workshop for art students and ivory carvers on April 17 2015, just after the exhibition's opening. Vassiliy Amydayev, a well-known Sakha ivory carver, introduced participants to the carving techniques, and the characteristic colours and textures of different bones, tusks and antlers.

After Vasiliy's demonstration, the workshop's participants tried out their skills using soap, instead of ivory. 

On June 26, 2015, collaborators from the University of Aberdeen and the National Art Museum held a workshop for ivory carvers and art historians.

Sakha (Yakutia)'s leading specialists discussed the model's authorship and provenance, and its significance for contemporary ivory carving. They also viewed an additional section for the model, recently made by two Sakha art students. 

Vasiliy Amydayev and his students at the April workshop. Courtesy of Alison BrownAn art student explores ivory carving on a bar of soap. Courtesy of Alison Brown