Staff Interests

Staff Interests

Prof David Anderson
Political ecology, human-animal relations, development theory, political anthropology, landscape studies, ethnohistory, archaeology, the history of science and cross-cultural ideas of health, Central and Eastern Siberia and the Russian North, Northern Norway, Northwestern Canada.

Dr Tanya Argounova-Low
Ethnic identity, nationalism, post-socialist societies; oral traditions; reindeer herding communities, food and diet in reindeer herding communities; Siberia, Sakha diaspora, mobility, migration, roads.

Dr Arnar Árnason
Death, emotion, and psychotherapy and the politics thereof; subjectivities/subjection; narratives, memory and forgetting; embodiment; identity and landscape.

Dr Maggie Bolton
Andes region (Bolivia); science, technology and expertise; development; animal-human relations; colonialism; the state; ethnohistory.

Prof Alison Brown
Western Canada; museum anthropology; indigenous heritage management practices; repatriation; material culture; visual anthropology; ethnohistory; Blackfoot cultural histories; First Nations artistic practice; Scots and First Nations' fur trade narratives.

Emeritus Prof Tim Ingold
Ecological anthropology, hunting-gathering and pastoralism, evolutionary theory, technology and language, perception and cognition; Northern circumpolar societies, Saami, northern Finnish farmers.

Dr Martin Mills
Tibet and Tibetan-speaking areas, Tibetan modes of protest.

Dr Johan Rasanayagam
Uzbekistan and Central Asia, post-socialist societies, the anthropology of Islam, morality and subjectivity, healing practices and spirit possession, religion and the secular, anthropology of the state.

Dr Rachel Smith
Oceania (esp. Melanesia/Vanuatu); economic anthropology; anthropology of work; labour migration; development; anthropology of religion; cognitive anthropology; agriculture and horticulture.

Dr Jo Vergunst
Scotland and Europe, landscape and phenomenology, environmental anthropology, rural histories and rural development, walking and mobilities, environmentalism, heritage, contemporary art.

Dr Nancy Wachowich
Arctic anthropology, ethnohistory, oral traditions, indigenous media, museums and material culture, visual anthropology, symbolic anthropology, anthropology of colonialism.

Dr Jen Walklate
Museology and museum practice, literature, drama and comics, ethics, temporality.

Dr Andrew Whitehouse
Nature conservation, farming, identity, knowledge and values, ecological anthropology, continuity and change, human-animal relations, sound, landscape, Islay, Scottish Highlands, Britain.

Dr Robert Wishart
Sub Arctic Canada: Gwich'in, Ojibwe, Scottish Fur Traders; oral history, identity, colonial wildlife management regimes, continuities in hunting traditions, ethnohistory, landscape.