Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Study Master of Business Administration (MBA) at AFG College with University of Aberdeen in Qatar.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The most popular professional degree programme in the world, the MBA is a globally recognised qualification designed to develop your leadership skills, underpinned by practical and theoretical knowledge. It offers you the opportunity to formally recognise your business expertise and take you to a higher level in terms of career progression, earnings potential and job satisfaction. Completing our MBA will make sure that you have the credentials required to compete against the best.

The MBA is focused on the real needs of business and will provide you with an opportunity to develop your understanding of the key knowledge and skills required to succeed in today’s challenging business world when it's going to be harder and harder to move up without a higher-level qualification.

At a glance

On Campus Learning
1 Year/2 Years
Full Time/Part Time
September or January

What You'll Study

We will endeavour to make all course options available; however, these may be subject to timetabling and other constraints. Depending on start date, courses may vary or change.

Business Economics (QB 5001)

This course focuses on the economics of business allowing students to understand the economics that underlie a whole host of business issues. The course will cover the functioning of markets, consumer behaviour, pricing, production and costing problems, monopoly and the business implications of inflation, economic growth and economic policy.

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Business Strategy (QB 5009)

Business Strategy covers a broad range of topics that come under the general heading of “Business Strategy” / “Strategic Management”. The course introduces participants to concepts, frameworks and models that are useful in providing explanations of how companies operate with respect to goal setting, understanding their competitive landscape, assessing opportunities,  managing own capabilities, coordinating their activities with other companies, and competing to create value for customers. The course is interactive in nature, applying a learning-by-doing method involving students taking on roles as part of a series of simulation exercises.

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Managing Change (QB 5010)

The concepts of change and innovation have never been more topical, especially given the commercial context of fierce business competition, shorter product life cycles and more demanding customers.  Increasingly, long-term commercial success is based on an ability to manage change, to act creatively and to promote innovation; These processes interconnect and overlap and often present major challenges to modern organizations; We address these issues through providing detailed case illustrations ranging from the workplace to the wider business market. Learning is encouraged through interaction, reading, investigation, video and case analysis, and critical discussion.

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Managing People at Work (QB 5506)

This course is run by tutors who have been experienced managers themselves and it will prepare you to pursue a career in management confident and competent to carry out what is expected of you.

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The Leadership Challenge (QB 5514)

This course provides an opportunity to explore and develop an understanding of your own leadership behaviour. Through seminars, group activities and discussions we investigate how personality, past experience, current situations and culture shape the way each of us behave in a leadership role. Using this information as a starting point we then explore how different leadership theories and approaches can be used as a frameworks for developing a deeper understanding of leadership behaviour. You will also have an opportunity to assist you in the development of your own approach to leadership.

View detailed information about the The Leadership Challenge course

Strategic Marketing (QB 5509)

The course aims to provide participants with a critical understanding of the nature and articulation of the marketing function within modern organisations, and an appreciation of the relative contribution of specific marketing tools to the development of a market orientation.

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Accounting and Finance for Managers (QB 5510)

The fact that money (and understanding money) really matters in business and all managers need to understand issues like cashflow and profit might depress you, but it is true. Financial viability of customers? Deciding on the likely financial viability of a project? Reporting to shareholders about performance? Does the word “sustainable” appear in a finance dictionary? All questions we will try and address.

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Operations and Project Management (QB 5511)

The focus of this course is not people but processes, not outside the organisation but within. Operations transform materials, information and customers to create goods and services using staff and facilities. We study process types and focus particularly on projects. We see how capacity and inventory reconcile demand and output and explore location, supply chains, quality, risk and resilience. About 40% of the course is on projects and project-management techniques. Prepare for both critical discussion of theory and application (operationalisation), including calculation.

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New Venture Creation (QB 5901)

The aim of this course is to equip students with an understanding of key aspects of new venture creation, including business planning, pitching new ideas to investors and managing growth. This is a capstone course, by bringing together a range of different concepts.

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Supply Chain Management (QB 5904)

This guide is intended to set out the outline of this module as well as the logic and philosophy for delivery. The guide is designed to be used in conjunction with the module’s associated lectures and seminars, as well the online material published on Blackboard and should be used to ensure that you have a clear understanding of how the module will be delivered and administered. You should refer to this handbook for guidance on how to complete the module and for important information on lectures & tutorials, as well as for assessment guidelines and submission dates.

View detailed information about the Supply Chain Management course

Digital Marketing  (QB5902)

The course provides both a strategic orientation and tactical orientation.

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How You'll Study

All our modules are assessed entirely by coursework – there are no exams – so you will be required to produce reports, briefing notes, presentations and reflective journals. Together these will build up into a personalised portfolio of experience – tangible proof that you’ve acquired key business skills and knowledge and something we know that prospective employers find very useful.

Learning Methods

Group Projects
Individual Projects

Assessment Methods

  • Just like industry, we don’t run our programmes around exams – in fact there are no exams, just intensive real-world learning that helps you gain relevant knowledge, quickly and effectively.
  • All assessments are done by a portfolio of work-based assignments.
  • We’re talking about powerful knowledge that will stay with you and make you more marketable within industry long after you’ve completed the MBA.

Why Study Master of Business Administration (MBA)?

Our MBA is not about business dogma. It’s about getting you to challenge the way business is done and find new, more effective, more creative ways of doing it. 

Although the programme is aimed at working professionals, with significant business experience, there is still a lot to learn.

We explore both the practical and theoretical aspects of business, broadening and deepening your knowledge – and focusing on powerful business insights – many of them from newly emerging business models that will shape tomorrow.

This course will help you to:

  • Learn how to manage and motivate successful teams and organisations
  • Understand how data drives better decision-making and management
  • Develop a strong skillset in strategy formulation and implementation
  • Focus on your personal development: communication skills, leadership style
  • Tailor your MBA to specialist subject areas such as HR, finance or marketing

- Our business degree programmes in both Aberdeen and Qatar are EQUIS accredited.

Entry Requirements

Open to graduates from any discipline, this programme does not require business or management study to have completed at undergraduate level.

This programme is for you if you have a minimum of TWO years post-degree work experience; a track record of professional achievement and a good first degree (equivalent to a British second-class Honours degree) or above in any discipline.

The Programme Director may also consider applicants with non-standard qualifications. If you have non-standard qualifications and extensive work experience, please ensure to enclose a complete CV and detailed work references.

English Language Requirements

To study for a Postgraduate Taught degree at the University of Aberdeen it is essential that you can speak, understand, read, and write English fluently. 

The minimum requirements for this degree are as follows:

  • Your first degree was studied in English


  • IELTS Academic: OVERALL - 6.5 with: Listening - 5.5; Reading - 6.0; Speaking - 5.5; Writing - 6.0
  • TOEFL iBT: OVERALL - 90 with: Listening - 17; Reading - 21; Speaking - 20; Writing - 21
  • PTE Academic: OVERALL - 62 with: Listening - 51; Reading - 54; Speaking - 51; Writing - 54
  • Cambridge English Advanced & Proficiency: OVERALL - 176 with: Listening - 162; Reading - 169; Speaking - 162; Writing - 169


  • The tuition fee is 117,500 QR per programme.
  • Tuition fees are fixed at the point of entry so there is no annual increase for returning students.
  • Flexible payment methods are available.