Each year, approximately 100,000 people in the UK, EU and US suffer sight loss due to stroke, resulting in sudden unanticipated disability that can severely impact quality of life. Systematic reviews suggest that eye movement training represents the most promising approach to vision rehabilitation in stroke patients, but previous therapeutic approaches lacked reach due to the need for numerous clinic visits and substantial clinician time investment.

Researchers at the University of Aberdeen, led by Professor Sahraie, have developed and commercialised a new eye movement training therapy for patients with sight loss following stroke: NeuroEyeCoach™.

One of the biggest benefits of NeuroEyeCoach™ is its accessibility.  It can be accessed remotely by patients using any personal computer device, so can be used either at home or in clinics, and it is adaptive to the individual’s disability, allowing tailored training matched to the patient’s needs. Thus, it addresses two of the major issues that had not been addressed by previous therapies, namely standardisation of therapy and ease of access to the therapy by patients.

Data from over 500 patients accessing NeuroEyeCoach™ has shown major benefits in improved vision and daily living activities, thus improving their quality of life. Having received regulatory approval, the therapy has been widely used to rehabilitate patients in the EU and the USA, and is also being used to rehabilitate patients in the UK.


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