Professor Patric Bach

Professor Patric Bach
Professor Patric Bach

Professor Patric Bach

Chair in Psychology


Patric Bach - Action Prediction Lab
School of Psychology, University of Aberdeen
William Guild Building, Kings College
Old Aberdeen AB24 3FX


Research Overview

My lab investigates how people plan their own actions and understand those of others. In particular, I investigate how prior expectations influence how we perceive and understand others' actions, how people are able to mentally rotate into the perspective of other people, and how people are able to control their intentional actions.

Current Research

We have been awarded £462.995 from the Leverhulme Trust to study how prior expectations about other people shape how we experience their actions, and how their actions in turn changes how we see these people. To do so, we rely on behavioral as well as neuroimaging methods (EEG/fMRI).

Funding and Grants

2020 – 2024. Leverhulme Trust. Social perception as Bayesian hypothesis testing and revision. £462,995.

2013 – 2016. Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). One step ahead: Prediction of other people's behaviour in healthy and autistic individuals. £270,569.

2014 – 2015.  British Academy/Leverhulme Trust. Only the winning moves: How causality shapes automatic imitation in children. £9.715.

2016 – 2017. Alzheimer Research UK. The Alzheimer’s Research UK South West (ARUKSW) Brain-image database. Co-investigator (with Dr. Matt Roser). £5.000.

2014 – 2016. South West Alzheimer/Dementia Network. Normal ageing and the precursors of dementia investigated using brain imaging. Co-investigator (with Dr. Matt Roser). £2.800.


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